NARS Color with Winnie

I know I have it pretty good in Dallas, but there’s one complaint I find myself muttering time and again: New York gets everything! Every event, every flashmob, every pop-up store, every brand-that-has-only-one-American-retail-location.

And now New York “gets” one more really good thing: Winnie, my outstanding local NARS artist, who’s moving there to join her fiance. It’s a good reason to move (and she’s such a talented artist, she deserves all the professional success in the world), but we’ll definitely miss her.

Anyway, I asked her if we could do one last makeover before she left. I gave her completely free rein… and the results were pretty “runway.” Though I’m not sure when I’ll next be wearing a look this dramatic, I thought I’d share it with you.

We cleansed with Softening Milk Cleanser ($36) and Hydrating Freshening Lotion ($36). Winnie followed with Brightening Serum ($61) — it looked so good last time, why change a good thing?

NARS, Burn It BlueWinnie started with the eyes (because she was going for drama, it’s easier to do the eyes and clean up any fallout before putting on foundation). She applied Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base ($24), which does keep eyeshadow from creasing, but it also tends to grab and hold the eyeshadow so firmly that it’s a little less blendable.

NARS, MisfitShe applied the (cream turquoise) right side of Burn It Blue, swatched here, from my lashline to my crease, patting it on with her finger. Then, with a crease brush, she patted/pressed on the teal right half of Misfit on the inner half of my lid.

She put black Zardoz on the outer half (cream shadow, patted on with fingers) — to build intensity and depth of color. She lightly colored sapphire blue Larger Than Life eyeliner in Rue Saint-Honore (swatched here) on top of it, then patted Outremer (swatched here) on top of that.

Winnie mixed two soft, greyed purples (Ondine and the right side of Charade) for my crease.
NARS, OutremerShe used Rue Saint-Honore on the lower waterline, and put the right side of Misfit on top of that on the inner half. On the outer half she used Outremer wet. This much eyeshadow needs a lot of eyeliner, so she tightlined with pen-style liquid Eyeliner Stylo in black Nuits Blanches. She also used the black side of Pandora wet on the bottom waterline, and gave me a cat-eye flick on the top.

She used Vanilla concealer under the brow, topped with a bit of cream-beige Edie.

Then she applied NARS’ Larger Than Life Lengthening mascara (which, Winnie says, is a bit blacker than the Volumizing formula). And she used Bali shadow on my brows.

On my face, Winnie applied Lightening Cream, the Oil-Free Face Primer, and Skin Smoothing Face Prep. She contoured with Laguna and Copacabana Multiples (both swatched here) and used Vanilla concealer under the eyes. For foundation, she used Sheer Glow Mont Blanc (which she topped with Flesh loose powder AND Mont Blanc powder foundation. I know she was giving me extra coverage because she knew I’d be taking pictures, but it was more than I like).

NARS, Mata HariI think both Winnie and I would normally spring for peachy Gilda blush, but since she used it last time, she wanted to choose something different. She used slightly plummy pink Mata Hari (applied with the Yachiyo brush, as delicately as if she were feather-dusting a statue). She warmed it up with a little Sex Appeal and a touch of Douceur.

She kept the lips nude: Jilted Love and Morocco lip liners, Madere Pure Matte Lipstick, Striptease (nude) and Triple X (clear and shiny) glosses.

Once she’d done my makeup she said, “can we do your hair too?”  (Winnie is a woman of MANY talents.)  She ran over to the Fekkai counter, grabbed some hairspray and a comb — and I travel with bobby pins in my purse. She teased the top part of my hair, and pinned the sides back, creating a quick version of the equestrian faux-hawks I saw at Bensoni last February (I’m so on-trend for fall!).
NARS makeover
NARS makeover
Even if you don’t want to recreate Winnie’s ultra-fierce look step-by-step, I think you can still cherry-pick a few products and techniques from her work. Did you see anything you want to try at home?

All of the products shown here are for sale at — which is currently offering free two-day shipping at any price, no code required.

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16 Responses to “NARS Color with Winnie”

  • Crystal says:

    I love the eye look, just beautiful! And your hair back really sells it!

  • panties says:

    one of these days (NYFW) you should meet my MAs. they’re so fierce <3

    i like your haircolor, and green so suits you <3

  • AZ says:

    I think I’d like to visit her at her new counter haha.. can you tell me where she’s going to be working? the bleecker st one?

  • Claire says:

    Awesome look. And I like the hair style, too.

  • beth maiorana says:

    Karla, thank you for the delightfully comprehansive and sequential post of this day !! She (Winnie) is certainly all that you tout her as, according to these photos as well as her meticulousness. You, my dear girl, are an absolute gorgeous beauty and should not feel so shy about looks like this: your beauty can handle it. I agree that one might want to avoid flagrance day-in and day-out, but sometimes it’s so freeing and fun (and pretty). I hope you can find someone to “fill her shoes”. Beth in Pgh xo ;-)

  • Pam says:

    What fun! I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed post. It’s amazing how many steps/products she used.

    Winnie is obviously a dream, I know you’re going to miss her. I’m glad you let her go “all out” for a more edgy, out-of-the-box (for you) “runway” look. Combined with the great impromptu hairdo (do people still say hairdo???), and that “oh yeah, this is me sister, and I’ve got it going on” look directly into the camera (LOL Love it!) you look like a twenty year old celebrity, ready for the red carpet or the MTV Video Music Awards! I hope you went out afterwards and had some fun!

  • Chris says:

    Oh gosh, Winnie did such a great job! I love those intense greens.

  • Clisa says:

    Whoa, you look like a total badass. LOL

  • VP says:

    Wow, you look amazing! A good sales associate at a makeup counter is definitely hard to find. Best of luck to Winnie in whatever she does in the future!

  • shaimaa says:

    That so detailed , You look do pretty and the eyeshadow colour just so lovely

  • That’s beautiful, Karla! I have ordered Outremer and Rue Saint Honore and should be getting them this week so this is exactly the kind of inspiration that I needed :-)

  • Violet912 says:

    I freakin’ love this, Karla! Keep doing looks like these!

  • Jane says:

    Your hair style. It’s awesome. You are my curly hair inspiration.

  • Anonne says:

    Looks good, the green really flatters you, but it is just too many products to use!

  • Charity says:

    Haha! I just had to say, your website has been my go to for swatches for years because your photos are fantastic and I felt the colors were the most realistic on your arm compared to my own skin tone. I had never looked at one of your makeover posts until now. We also have the same shade of hair and mine is curly too. I use Mont Blanc and Bali in my brows as well. I hope NARS never stops making either shade. Thanks for the amazing website. You’ve seriously saved me a ton of trouble over the years!

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