NARS Fashion’s Night Out Exclusives

NARS has created two extremely limited edition items for this year’s Fashion’s Night Out: a silver Larger Than Life eyeliner (Via Crispi, $23) and a silver nail polish (Space Odyssey, $17). These items will be sold for one day only (September 8th), and only at key stores around the country.

These two products are said to be inspired by this rather racy photograph by Guy Bourdin (1928–1991, a French photographer known for his often-controversial work, protege of Man Ray, and a personal favorite of Francois Nars).
Guy Bourdin, NARS, Fashion's Night Out, 2011
Both items are bright, cool, white-silver. I was glad to see that Space Odyssey was a foil (looks slightly gritty, feels smooth) rather than a frost.
NARS, Fashion's Night Out, swatches, Via Crispi, Space Odyssey, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Readers in Dallas: Neiman Marcus Northpark is the only location that will have these for sale (and, again, in extremely limited quantities). If you want them, you may want to pre-sell (their number is 214-363-8311).

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2 Responses to “NARS Fashion’s Night Out Exclusives”

  • Carrie says:

    I’d been wondering what the polish looked like so I’m glad to see the swatch. I can’t help but feel “That’s it?” Neither item is all that unique.

  • Lizzard says:

    Hi Karla! I’m really wondering how NARS worked the eyeliner into an off the runway look (or on the runway in this case) LOL

    just as an FYI a much cheaper and just as awesomely bright alternative is L’Oreal HIP chrome eyeliner

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