Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, displayChanel just launched a new formula of foundation: Perfection Lumiere (the modern replacement for Pro Lumiere). Perfection Lumiere is a lightweight, long-wear, medium-to-full coverage foundation with a “matte luminous” (or “natural matte”) finish. According to my trusty sales associate, it feels lighter and stays on longer than Pro Lumiere. It also provides more coverage than Vitalumiere Aqua, and Perfection Lumiere is oil-free.

From people who like that medium-to-full coverage, I’ve heard nothing but praise for Perfection Lumiere’s longevity. I don’t like that much coverage myself, and in my in-store test, I found the finish a little mask-y. I also didn’t find a shade match I just loved.

The shades are divided into BR (beige rose, the pink shades), B (beige, the yellow shades), BA (beige ambre, the golden shades), and A (ambre, the amber shades). It’s refreshing to see Chanel offer such a wide selection of colors.

Perfection Lumiere is $55 and contains SPF 10.  It also smells like Hydramax (Chanel’s moisturizing serum, which I would describe as having a light, pleasant, “tea-like” skincare scent). I really like Hydramax’s scent, so I consider that a plus.
Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, swatches, Beige Rose, Beige, Beige Ambre, Ambre, BR12, BR22, BR32, BR42, BR52, B10, B20, B30, B40, B60, BA24, BA34, BA44, BA54, BA64, A94, A104, A114, A134, A154, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Here are blended out swatches by color family. I wasn’t sure if it was easier to see the Beige Rose with or without dividing lines, so I did them both ways:
Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, swatches, Beige Rose, BR12, BR22, BR32, BR42, BR52, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, swatches, Beige Rose, BR12, BR22, BR32, BR42, BR52, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, swatches, Beige, B10, B20, B30, B40, B60, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, swatches, Beige Ambre, BA24, BA34, BA44, BA54, BA64, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, foundation, swatches, Ambre, A94, A104, A114, A134, A154, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

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29 Responses to “Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation”

  • laura says:

    An especially nice job on these swatches, Karla. Well done and thanks!

  • Paige says:

    Finally Chanel has released a foundation shade yellow enough for me! Everything I’ve tried from them before turned out too pink for me. I’m trying the BA24 right now (just got it today). The color seems to match my face and neck very well right now. However, I wish there’s a lighter shade in the Beige Ambre family, maybe like a BA14. It would be suitable for me when I loose my summer tan in the winter. Thanks Chanel for expanding you shade range and thank you Karla for the awesome swatches!

  • Aimee says:

    I wonder how this compares to the Mat Lumiere formula? Will check out when I run out. Thanks.

  • Martha says:

    What did you find to be your closest match Karla? I think I am usually your shade so I wonder if there will be a match for me at all.

  • WaxWhiteRose says:

    B10 looks like as if it could be a match! I hope Chanel will release this shade in Germany too, I often experienced that brands only release a few selected colors here wich are always too dark for me

  • Kathia says:

    It seems that they have released this range in the US but in Asia we’re only getting the Vitalumiere Hydra, which looks like a replacement for Teint Innocence. Any clue is this is a US/EU exclusive?

  • Lou says:

    Thanks for the swatches! B10 looks like it might suit me, have to get a sample if the color arrives here (sometimes they leave out the lightest shades) :)

  • Miu says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this blog. The swatches are a godsend.

  • Pawz says:

    Wow some of these shades look really pink.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Martha, I guess my best shade was BR12 (B10 was soooo yellow). But Perfection Lumiere gave me that old-school, very “done,” full-face-of-makeup look. I thought it made me look older.

  • Jieun says:

    I tried on a sample of Perfection Lumiere yesterday, and it did look too flawless and masky for 10 or 15 minutes. The finish was more skin-like after that and looked natural for the rest of the day. Really loving it so far!

  • Christina says:

    I so wanted to like this; esp. since I found a color that was perfect. However, I turned into a shiny mess (with and w/out primer,wearing an oil-free moisturizer) and it disappeard after a few hours of wear. :( Maybe I got a bad bottle?

  • mila says:

    Thank you so much for the swatches. I have heard from dry skinned ladies that this might be too drying. Loved the old Pro Lumiere, but couldn’t use it in the winter time because Limpide was too dark for me. So looking forward to seeing B10 and BR12.

  • Ria says:

    Thank you so much for these swatches, Karla! Really appreciate all your excellent work for the blog.

  • Lola says:

    I agree with Paige, I wish they came out with a lighter color in the Beige Amber family. I tried BA024 and it’s the perfect undertone (yellow/gold) but just a little to dark for me. The the Beige 40 was close but just a bit too “green” when I put it on. Ugh…. So hard to find the right match in this foundation but I do love the finish and the look.

  • Beth Maiorana says:

    I wonder what was wrong with ProLumiere? I love it, and am sort of keeping my bottle of it for “special”. It’s the only Chanel foundation I liked (I tried most of them, too)- but I haven’t heard anything that spectacular about this other than there is a wide choice of shades and that it is long-lasting. So, I’m passing on it. I really posted to applaud you (yet again- I’m still out here appreciating you daily) on your unstinting delightful and meticulous swatches and blog. You remain the “Queen” of this domain (please don’t think I’m trying to do puns). There is no comparison to your blog, Karla. Many many thanks for it all!! xo Beth in Pgh ;-)

  • AilurophileNZ says:

    Thankyou for the brilliant swatches – it is so useful to see the full range together as it really helps me understand the colour differences – yellow/pink bases in all foundations. I struggle to find the right colour and seeing them all together will help me realize why, regardless of brand.

    As for this range – several people have said it is very matt and from your swatches it looks it. On me this equates as dull & lifeless so I think I will be giving it a miss to.

  • Miev says:

    I wasn’t impressed with the colours in this. I have a pink undertone but the pink shades were much too pink. They won’t work for very many people. Not good shades for Olive skin tones either.

  • JACKIE says:

    Thank you so much karla, rather than stick to the vitalumiere aqua, it is indeed the time to think about more coverage and a tad bit matt finish as the winter is coming so quick, .

  • Soonie says:

    Would you say b40 or b60 is closer to b24 in terms of lightness/darkness and intensity? :3 thank you for the awesome swatches~

  • Anonne says:

    Thanks for the great swatches. I am pleased to see that the color choices are not just “white and whiter.”

  • Lexi says:

    I love this formula – I wear B44 my complaint is that the older shades never contained enough yellow in their foundations. A skin match was always a challenge – most of the shades made my skin looked ashy or it was too dark. Like Goldilocks…this one fit me “JUST RIGHT”

  • Brittany says:

    Can anyone tell me which shades in Perfection Lumiere match Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 and B30. I just bought Perfection Lumiere yesterday and purchased it in the same shade as Aqua because the sales associate said it would be the same. Well, It’s definitely not! It’s way more peachy instead of beige. Any help would be much appreciated! :)

  • Kasia says:

    Is the B10 the same as B10 for Vitalumiere Aqua? If so, then it is so my shade! :)

  • glitterkitty says:

    I have yellow undertones and ended up with the chanel perfection lumiere in B40 because the B30 looked abit pink on me. But i have to say even the B40 is just horible!

    It looks GREEN on my yellow skin and it oxidizes so it goes darker after a few hours. I am so dissapointed with Chanel’s foundation shades as they are not a suitable match for asian (golden) skin tones.

    Being in the UK, chanel are still living in the dark ages and do not introduce the Ambre shades (only for very dark skin).

    I find that my skintone has yellow and gold undertones so i would require an ambre shade but instead i end up having to try on bog standard beige colours.

    Although i loved the consistency of this foundation i do not however like their colour shades at all. They need to update with some new and realistic colours.

    From my experience with this beige shade I do not recommend you get this foundation, purely because it will make you look green. This is very unnatural and alien looking.

    If you look at this video review the girl in the vid looks like she has a tinge of green in the B40 foundation she’s wearing.

    If you have a good eye for colours you’ll be able to see this almost immediately, as the colour of the foundation does not match any of her natural skintones either.

    Looks like i’ll have to end up going back to Mac, at least i can rely on them to get some foundation with some yellow/golden tones.

  • Jess says:

    Can you review Dainty Doll foundations?

  • Gina says:

    Thanks for this post! There is no nearby store I can go to in order to swatch these in person, so if I do place an order it will have to be online. Your demonstration of the colors is very helpful! :)

  • valeria says:

    puedo mezclar esta base de chanel numero 12 con lancome ultra idole 24 ? porque tengo lancome 02 lyserose pero es muy oscura para mi rostro.
    se ùeden mezclar ambas ( las 2 bases) ? para aclarar la de lancome 02? para q sea mas clara la 02 de lancome? besos. bs as aregntina :) valeria

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