NARS Holiday 2011

We had previously taken a look at NARS’ holiday sets; the weather has finally permitted me to finish swatching their “regular” holiday collection.

Arabian Nights is (as you might have surmised from the name) a night-series eyeshadow trio. The shadows are black-based with sparkle, and (in my humble opinion) perform better wet. I actually swatched this palette “backwards” from the way it appears in the compact, because the tester pan was in the unit upside down.

Swatched dry, the shades are sheer black with silver sparkle (I built up the dry swatch, and the black is prone to fallout), black with blue-purple sparkle, and sheer grey-black with a red-purple sparkle that tends to blow away. Swatched wet, the first shade is a charcoal-black with multicolored silver sparkle. The second is still black with blue-purple sparkle. And the third is grey-black with dense red-purple shimmer (the sparkle is smaller in this shade, so it translates into shimmer). The trio is $45, limited edition.

I talked to one of my favorite NARS associates about Arabian Nights. He said it’s his favorite piece of the collection, and lamented that swatching doesn’t really do it justice. I asked him to explain his devotion, and he said the shadows look like gemstones on the lid (which sounds quite lovely).
NARS, holiday 2011, swatches, Arabian Nights, wet, dry, Ponderosa, Mandchourie, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Ponderosa is a cream eyeshadow single. It’s cool, dark brown with gold shimmer (very pretty!) — $23, and limited edition.

Mandchourie is a powder eyeshadow duo ($33, permanent). It is fascinating: a complex green-grey-blue with shimmery gold tones, paired with a muted, faded, dusty, matte, semi-sheer navy-indigo blue.
NARS, holiday, 2011 swatches, Joyous Red lipstick, Albatross lipgloss, Space Odyssey, Endless Night, Campo de Fiori, St. Marks Place, Larger than Life Eyeliner, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There is also a happy assortment of holiday lips and nails. Joyous Red lipstick ($24, limited edition) is not exactly red. It’s a muted (slightly browned) coral/red, bricky on my lips. It’s great for the season, and not too dark for my skintone.

Albatross lipgloss ($24) is also limited edition. It’s a shimmering pale gold.

There are two limited edition nail polishes ($17). Space Odyssey (the color created for Fashion’s Night Out) is a cool silver foil (looks shimmery/slightly gritty but feels smooth). Endless Night is a sheer grape in one coat. The color is so dark that it turns black-plum (really black plum) in two.

And the holiday season introduces two new (and permanent) shades of the Larger Than Life eyeliners. These mechanical eyeliners are absolutely fantastic at staying put — they’re one of the few things I’ll trust on my lower lash line. Campo de Fiori is an antique gold shimmer. St. Marks Place is a low-shimmer bright blue-purple. (Check out the other LTL eyeliner shades here and here. They’re $23 each.)
NARS, holiday 2011, swatches, Sin, Miss Liberty, G-Spot, Multiple, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And finally: the cheeks. Sin (powder blush, $27) is a repromote, a berry-wine with gold shimmer/sparkle. In a heavier swatch, you can see it’s actually pretty purple (red-grape, I’d call it).

Miss Liberty is new but permanent. It’s a “highlighting blush” (a.k.a. not a blush but a highlighter), a sheer peach with very fine silver sparkles. It’s also $27.

And finally, there’s a new Multiple stick (these can be used anywhere: lids, cheeks, or lips). And because “Orgasm” and “Deep Throat” weren’t scandalous enough, it’s called G-Spot. Sensibilities are different in Texas than they are in New York, and mostly I’ve heard G-Spot referred to as “the new one.”

G-Spot is blush-wine with a very subtle gold shimmer (my sales associate didn’t even realize it had shimmer ’til she saw it on my arm). It’s more red than Sin, a berry red. It’s a pretty, ruddy flush for cheeks and lips this winter, I definitely approve. Like all Multiples, G-Spot is $39 (and it’s permanent).
NARS, holiday 2011, swatches, Sin, Miss Liberty, G-Spot, Multiple, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
This entire collection is actually up for sale in the charity auction (and it’s currently going for WAY less than retail). is also offering free two-day shipping through the end of the year (and today only, they’re adding a free sample of Orgasm Illuminator to any cart).

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8 Responses to “NARS Holiday 2011”

  • M says:

    “Sensibilities are different in Texas than they are in New York, and mostly I’ve heard G-Spot referred to as “the new one.””. Lol! Cute!
    Btw, Karla would you have/know of a reliable sales associate in any of the department stores that are willing to ship to Australia?

    Thank you :)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    For NARS? Call Michael Duquette at Nordstrom Galleria: 972-702-0055. For a limited time, Nordstrom is charging 19.95 AUD for shipping.

  • M says:

    Thank you :)

    Does this Nordstrom Galleria also stock Cle de Peau?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I’m not sure because they’ve been renovating the beauty department. I know they just got Chantecaille, Jo Malone, and Diptyque. Either way, since Nordstrom carries CdP, I’d think he could get it for you (whether it came from his store or not) and send it all together.

  • Tiffany says:

    Wow. I knew I was going to want Mandchourie. Miss Liberty is calling my name too. Good thing for me that they’re both permanent, I’m going to have to wait a while before I actually get them.

  • Leslie Babineaux says:

    I also had trouble asking for “G-Spot” when I went to Sephora. The SA giggled with me lol.
    But I did swatch Arabian Nights and G-Spot and I LOVED them both. I asked for both of them for Christmas from my husband. We tend to go out alot in the evenings and this eyeshadow trio will work just fine.

  • ‘The new one’, I’m pretty sure I’d say exactly the same thing! Naughty NARS ;)

  • Michael says:


    I look forward to hearing from you,however, since you live clear across the globe, perhaps e-mail would be easier for you as I realize the time change is quite severe…

    plus we have a free gift this weekend! ;)

    Speak with you soon!

    @everyone else…. I always say the names with pride at my counter. I am so happy to work for a company with products that aren’t named, “beige” “bone” “barely there” or”nude” NARS products break the mold, create trends, and their names are just as original and groundbreaking as the products themselves. Viva la G Spot!!

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