Tom Ford Blush

Fashion designer, fragrance designer, tastemaker, provocateur, and golden child Tom Ford just launched a makeup line bearing his name (under the aegis of Estee Lauder). I must swatch it all — that’s a given — but I thought his blushes would be a good place to start.

Tom Ford blushes are $55 eachicon, and pigment is never a problem. As always, I swatched these lightly (to simulate on-cheek application), then heavily (to show the color as perfectly as possible).
Tom Ford, blush, swatches, Love Lust, Flush, Savage, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Tom Ford, blush, swatches, Love Lust, Flush, Savage, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Love Lust is a warm rose-pink with pink and gold shimmers. Flush is a satin coral pink, brighter and more saturated (more intense, more pink) than Love Lust. It’s like strawberry candy, and the sales associate said she particularly loves it on olive-toned skin. Flush has a very few tiny gold sparkles, but it’s nearly matte. Savage is a warm bronze shimmer with a pink-and-gold rainbow of tiny sparkles.
Tom Ford, blush, swatches, Frantic Pink, Wicked, Ravish, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Tom Ford, blush, swatches, Frantic Pink, Wicked, Ravish, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Frantic Pink is a pale, “frozen” pink with silver shimmers — though the color is warmer than you might think. It’s the lightest shade of the group, and the color Russ used on me in my first Tom Ford makeover (applied with the $75 Tom Ford blush brush, naturallyicon). Wicked is a violet-pink, a “berry” pink. It’s shimmery, with pink-violet-gold-orange multicolored sparkles. Ravish is a burnt terracotta clay/papaya orange satin that reflects pink with a dulled sheen.

See any must-haves? Or is the price tag giving you pause?

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10 Responses to “Tom Ford Blush”

  • Kayti says:

    They are very pretty and look unique I would specifically love Ravish for myself. My next trip to the mall, I’m going to Neimans to check it out. If I like it, I will bite the bullet and buy it since I haven’t found a HG blush yet. Compared to the other high end blushes, Tom’s price isn’t that much higher.

  • christine says:

    price prohibitive. I can’t imagine what the companies are thinking with $30+ lipsticks and $55 blush. Crazy.

  • Makaegan says:

    I just can’t even wrap my mind around Tom Ford prices. The products look nice, but IMO there is no blush on the planet worth $55. Is the shimmer made out of micronized diamond or something?

  • memeandme says:

    aren’t his prices even higher than chanel? lol. he just seems really narcissistic/arrogant to me. his brand is a turn off, but i really like the simple white and gold packaging.

  • lia says:

    Ravish looks lovely, but omg that price! If anyone knows a dupe, let me know.

  • jane says:

    I bought Ravish and the color looks beautiful and agree with your review that the pigmentation is wonderful. The only issue I see is that for the high price point, the product is very powdery (say compared to another high end blush like a Burberry, which though it is a powder is very smooth and almost creamy). I do love it though, and wear it regularly.

  • Swathi Narumanchi says:

    Ravish, Savage and Love Lust are quite tempting but unfortunately/fortunately Tom Ford isn’t available in India !!! My wallet is gonna be happy but I am gonna cry bucket loads of tears! I really liked Indian Rose and Pink Adobe ! Sigh !!!

  • yaya says:

    doesn’t ravish look like sleek pomegranate?

  • Danielle says:

    I really like Savage and Wicked.

  • LuckyRedLisa says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I bought Ravish and Wicked on a recent NYC trip and I’m totally thrilled. Ravish is really a unique shade. Wicked is great, but I probably have a dupe (or two!) of this one. LOL Now your swatches have me craving Flush and Savage. How unique do you think those are?
    I have to say, I was most excited about the eye shadow quads and ordered Silvered Topaz sight unseen. BIG disappointment for me. At that crazy price point, it just didn’t live up to the hype. I almost didn’t visit the counters in NYC. But I’m so glad I did. I’m loving both foundation formulations and the highlighter/concealer pens. I must admit also, that I’ve been using the e/s quad and liking it a lot now. :)
    Keep those swatches coming!!!

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