Cle de Peau Spring 2012

Cle de Peau, spring 2012, displayCle de Peau’s spring collection is special. Not only for the gorgeous new products, but because every item is a permanent addition to the line (YAY!).

As with all CdP collections, it’s a small release: two new highlighters (warm and cool), one new eyeshadow quad, and the new Enriched Lip Luminizers (swatched here; they’re replacing the Extra Silky Lipsticks). The display holds 10 (and my counter picked a random set to display), but there are 20 in all.

Random tidbit: Amanda Seyfried is still the face of Cle de Peau. I’ve offered myself as a potential replacement when she eventually steps down.

So the new eyeshadow quad is #208 (202 is a repromote from the permanent line, but I decided to swatch it anyway). In the past, Cle de Peau quads have perhaps tended toward what I think of as a Japanese aesthetic: shimmery, ethereal color and lighter (not smoky) lids. 208 is not only beautiful, but I feel it’s more “American” — more satin/suede finishes, and a color palette that easily lends itself to my traditional lid-crease-outer-v placement.
Cle de Peau, spring 2012, swatches, eyeshadow quad, 202, 208, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
202 contains a shimmery/sparkly periwinkle (blue-purple) with silver sparkles, a shimmering/sparkling iridescent peach champagne, a shimmery sapphire, and a satin dark, cool brown taupe.

208 includes a shimmery/frosty pale peach-rose-gold, a satin tobacco yellow-brown, a satin deep-dark cool brown, and a satin purple-grey-taupe. Neutral-shadow lovers, I know you must be swooning.

These quads are $55 each (sold as refill pans); $25 for the refillable compacticon. And if you haven’t experienced them first-hand, Cle de Peau shadows are incredibly soft and extremely luxurious (maybe it’s the Argan oil).
Cle de Peau, Luminizing Face Color, swatches, spring 2012, 11, 12, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Cle de Peau, Luminizing Face ColorsI have absolutely no evidence that this is true, but I’d like to believe that the Luminizing Face Colors were created in response to my wailing over the too-limited Vintage Palette III. The Luminizing Face Colors are more obviously highlighting powders than the Vintage Palette (which was subtle enough to perform better as all-over face powder).

It’s difficult to capture the fineness of Cle de Peau products; sometimes the magic simply doesn’t translate through the camera lens. The Luminizing Face Colors are tremendously delicate and subtle. I swatched them both lightly, and heavily: 12 is a warm, delicate iridescent sparkling shimmer that builds to a pale gold champagne. 11 is a cool iridescent sparkling shimmer that builds to a silvery white. The sparkle you see on the surface of a new powder is just overspray.

These are $95 eachicon (which gets you a complete product: case, powder, synthetic-bristle brush), and when you use it up, refills are available for $55icon.

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3 Responses to “Cle de Peau Spring 2012”

  • Christina says:

    I am so surprised how shimmery the eye shadow sets are! I love #208, but I have to get more matt eye makeup so you don’t notice my tiny fine lines.

  • PalePrincess says:

    Any idea how 11 (the pastel one) compares to the new bucolic visage from Givenchy?

  • Alison says:

    Hi Karla! I absolutely LOVE that you’ve swatched some Cle de Peau quads here: Swatches are difficult to find and very disorganized. Do you think you’ll ever swatch the entire range for us?

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