Guest Swatcher: Chanel Fire

Special thanks to Carine for her fabulous guest swatches of Chanel 159 Fire — it looks like the perfect, classic, cherry-red creme.

I have to think that Fire was limited edition (or discontinued) in the U.S., since I can’t find it for sale online anywhere.
Chanel Fire
Chanel Fire
Chanel Fire
So is it warm or cool? Based on Carine’s photos, I would have said cool — and I still think it is. But warmth or coolness is a spectrum, not an absolute. In certain light, under a flash, on certain skintones, and/or next to other, cooler colors, it may look warm (or warmer). I actually think this shade is actually pitch-perfect to please a variety of skintones.

For more photos of Fire around the web (and on different skintones), check out these links:
Polish or Perish
Day Loves Colours
Nail Polish Debby (scroll to the bottom)
Source unknown

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2 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Chanel Fire”

  • Kellie says:

    The polish is beautiful, but I LOVE the jewelry!!! I want it.

  • Carine Yezn says:

    Helloooooooo there,
    It’s me Carine the guest swatcher. I’ve contacted you Karla about all the informations you want. The jewelry is gold 18 & 21 k & my skintone is Eliza Dushku & Jennifer Lopez colorwise. I have a tan right now because of sunny & hot weather but in winter I return to my vampire pale skintone. Chanel fire is not discontinued I guess. I’ll make another swatches if you want for other colors from chanel or mac ? I’ve loads of pics in my facebook profile. The jewelry are from L’azurde company. Hope you enjoy my swatches & special thanks for Karla. I also posted a minute ago in my wall about her. Thanks again girl :D

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