My Tom Ford Makeover at Bergdorf Goodman

Tom Ford, Bergdorf Goodman, Karla Sugar, Winnie PhamNot every brand was comfortable having a member of the press in the room for their meetings with Neiman Marcus (which I think was a corporate decision, not a personal one). Tom Ford was one of those brands, but instead of asking me to sit in the hallway, they suggested I might enjoy a Tom Ford makeover at Bergdorf Goodman. Well you don’t have to ask me twice.

And you’ll never guess who I ran into! Winnie Pham! Winnie is a superlative artist who (until six months ago) lived in Dallas and worked for NARS. When she moved to NYC (to join her fiance), she transitioned to Tom Ford and I was SO excited to see her at the counter.

We knew we definitely wanted to use the new-for-spring cream eyeshadows, and the new bronzer (YUM). After that I asked her to use whatever she wanted, so long as it incorporated Wild Ginger lipstick (swatched here).

Winnie started with the Purifying Creme Cleanser and dual phase Makeup Remover to take off the makeup I had on. She warmed up Intensive Infusion Concentrate Extreme (serum) in her fingers and pressed it on, then applied Intense Infusion Daily Moisturizer, Eye Treatment, and Primer.

Using the #1 Foundation Brush, she applied the liquid foundation in 03 Fawn. Contouring is a key element to the Tom Ford face, but (to my surprise) Winnie selected Shade & Illuminate #2. She said these creams are so flexible (and sheer-able and buildable) that they’re really versatile for any skintone from light to dark. She prefers the deeper shade, and I agreed that it looked perfectly natural on me (without having to work too hard).

Brows are another hallmark of the Tom Ford look; Winnie used the Taupe Brow Sculptor on mine.

Now for color! Winnie started with the new, limited edition cream eyeshadow in Platinum (all over the lid up to just above the crease), applied with the #3 concealer brush.

Tom Ford, Cognac SablePlatinum looked great by itself, but for a little more drama, we decided to make the cream shadow a base for the Cognac Sable palette.  Winnie started with the color on the bottom left (all over the lid, up to just above the crease — exactly where she had put the cream shadow). Next she used the bottom right shade along the lashline and (just a bit) up into the crease. Then she used the top left shade as a highlight in the inner corner of my eyes. And finally, she used the top right (the celestial shade) pressed onto the lid with her fingers. Amazingly, this technique (using fingers rather than a brush for the celestial shade) produced NO fallout (and, as I’ll explain in a moment, I tested it for hours).

Winnie used the Noir Absolute (blue-based black) cream liner on my top lashline, as well as Extreme Mascara in Raven (top and bottom). She corrected my undereye darkness with Illuminating Highlight Pens in #5 Naked and #6 Dusk Bisque (mixed). Once I was corrected, she used a bit of the Stick Foundation in Fawn to conceal.

As requested, my lips were Wild Ginger lipstick (and the limited spring/summer Gold Lust lip lacquer because I wanted to see what it looked like), applied with the #21 lip brush.

Winnie used a combination of Ivory Fawn and Illuminating Translucent powders to set. Then she contoured me a little more with the (lighter, matte) Terra Bronzer.

She finished with Savage blush (all over the cheekbone) and Love Lust (apples of the cheek) — because these two shades are repromoted with the spring/summer collection (see swatches here).

I loved this makeover. My skin looked absolutely, ridiculously perfect. I dazzled people every time I blinked (a.k.a. flashed my eyelids at them). The lipstick (being so pigmented) wore like gangbusters. By midnight, I was still sitting at my laptop, trying to think of additional things I could do — so I could stay awake, and therefore not have to wash my face. If you live in New York (or even if you’re visiting), go see Winnie at the Tom Ford counter in Bergdorfs and let her work her magic on you.
Karla Sugar, Winnie Pham

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9 Responses to “My Tom Ford Makeover at Bergdorf Goodman”

  • Lindsay says:

    you look FABULOUS! I can’t wait to stop by and see Wendy next time I am in NYC. I just got the bronzer today – cannot wait to play with it.

  • Livia says:

    Wow, you look especially beautiful after this makeover! She did a wonderful job! x

  • Jane says:

    Oh wow! You look incredible! The contour looks really wonderful and your blingy gorgeous eyes!!!

    I met Winnie last November when I went to check out the TF counter and she was so friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to visit her again to check out the new spring product.

  • Christina says:

    I really love the makeup application done on you. You look really good!
    As for the eye shadow set, is three of those colors matt?

  • You look AMAZING! That is so fun that you were surprised by Winnie. How perfect!

  • Chantal says:

    Fantastic makeover! As a fellow fair-skinned person, I’m extremely impressed by the bronzer and contour application. You’re simply GLOWING!

    And good PR move, Tom Ford. They managed to spin a potentially negative situation (excluding you from their meeting) into a positive one. Who doesn’t like a great makeover with a talented artist? And it’s a win for your readers, too: I always enjoy the step-by-step instructions, and your comments and pictures. Thanks for a great post, Karla! :)

  • anne says:

    Karla Great post. What did you think of the gold lip lacquer and the foundation stick? Thanks!!!!

  • Eileen says:

    Cognac Sable and Love Lust–one of my favorite combinations! You’ve had some lovely makeup applications in the past, but this is one of the very best. Polished yet glamorous, you look simply stunning. That’s a beautiful color palette on you.

  • Elle says:

    Wow, what a great look. Your makeup artist did a fantastic job. Thanks for the review.

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