Dior Summer 2012: Croisette

Dior summer 2012 CroisetteDior’s summer collection is called Croisette (little cross) — named, I think for the Promenade de la Croisette, a major street in Cannes. For me the collection evokes the effortless elegance of summer in France’s most famous resort town.

The two most recognizable pieces of the collection are the eyeshadow quints, embossed with a sunburst pattern reminiscent of the pleated folds of a skirt.

654 Aurora features an intense (almost dirty) mustard yellow gold satin/shimmer; a soft, warm, cocoa brown satin/shimmer; a pale white-pink satin; a softer, sheerer, pearlescent duochrome gold-pink beige satin; and an intense tangerine satin.

224 Swimming Pool (which isn’t available at Sephora) is the softer, sheerer, more transparent of the two quints. It includes a pale, sheer, soft, warm baby pink satin; a whisper-pale ice blue satin; a satin/matte chalk blue; a pale pastel mint; and a oh-so-softly shimmery satin delicate grey-white.

The quints are each $60.
Dior, summer 2012, Croisette, swatches, eyeshadow quint, 654 Aurora, 224 Swimming Pool, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are three rather sheer Addict lipsticks (each $30). 354 Palace is pale sheer warm pink. 414 Casual Gold is a warm sheer beige nude. 544 Jet Set is a slightly more vibrant sheer warm pink with a very slight, subtle iridescent shimmer.

The two limited edition nail polishes are so perfectly the color of Stephanie Johnson bags in Malibu Aqua and Malibu Coral (another, unrelated product that I love) that I irrationally want them both. And then I want to do coordinating manicure-makeup-bag photoshoots. 401 Saint Tropez and 231 Bikini are each $23.

There should be three Ultra Gloss lipglosses, but I never found 464 Pink Croisette. 432 Brown Panama is a warm desert nude rose-gold copper with gold (and a few pink) sparkles. 542 Orange Pareo is orange with gold sparkles. The glosses are $28 each.

Dior also created a thrilling new shade of DiorShow Waterproof eyeliner: 258 Turquoise is a sheeny aqua, almost a perfect match for Saint Tropez nail polish. It’s $29, not available in Sephora.
Dior, summer 2012, Croisette, swatches, Addict Lipstick, 354, Palace, 414, Casual Gold, 544, Jet Set, Ultra Gloss, 432 Brown Panema, 542, Orange Pareo, Diorshow Waterproof Liner, 258, Turquoise, 401, Saint Tropez, 231, Bikini, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Dior released their newly reformulated bronzers concurrently with the summer collection, but those are permanent, so I’ll save them for another post.

The Dior summer collection is available from all the usual suspects: Nordstrom.comicon, NeimanMarcus.comicon (free ship: MAYFS), Sephora.com, Saks Fifth Avenue.

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4 Responses to “Dior Summer 2012: Croisette”

  • nawi says:

    Such a gorgeous summer collection bought almost the whole collection have been loving the one eye glosses they are super longlasting and great to wear for a day on the beach or swimming pool.

  • Lindsay says:

    They DO MATCH the Stephanie Johnson Malibu bags! Great call :)

  • wtmontana says:

    WANT! <3 those rouge serums!

  • Gisa Gisa says:

    From what I’ve read, the colors of the quintet in pastels, the colors of summer will be here in Brazil also found the beautiful tones, but I think combined with a very light skin, but if we look for darker tones following the same color can to work ….. already following garments are perfect tones, will give more light, and light colors absorb less heat, which is perfect for a day of scorching heat ……. and I loved the three lipsticks, for me the colors are so perfect for use during the day or night.

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