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Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas NorthparkFantastic news, Dallas readers (and tangentially good news for everyone else): Make Up For Ever has opened a boutique in Northpark mall (where the Bare Escentuals boutique used to be, near Nordstrom. The BE boutique is now over by Macy’s).

This means Dallas has full, unabridged access to Make Up For Ever’s complete line of products — every shade of every foundation! Every eyeshadow! The brushes!

Like MAC, the Make Up For Ever boutique offers lessons with mandatory minimum purchase (if you aren’t ready to buy that day, you buy a giftcard for future purchase). With a $40 product purchase you can get a single feature lesson: “custom complexion,” “sculpted and highlighted,” “extreme coverage,” “perfect long-lasting lip,” “classic contour,” “enhanced eye,” “three-step eyeliner,” “intense smoky eye,” or “balanced brow.”

My first reaction was “that seems high,” but then $40 is a MUFE foundation, or a lipstick and an Aqua Cream. —So if you’re planning on buying foundation, get a free lesson with it!

With a $120 purchase you get a “build a lesson” (full face):

Custom complexion
Extreme coverage
Sculpted and highlighted

Classic eye contour
Enhanced eye
Intense smoky eye
3-step eyeliner
Balanced brow
Flash lash
Individual lash

Perfect long-lasting lip


Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas NorthparkThe BEST part is your lesson takes place at the back of the store. You sit in a director’s chair in front of a mirror with vanity lighting. Behind the mirror, there’s a camera. Your lesson will be filmed, and they’ll send the video home with you on a little USB (which looks adorably like a rubber Rouge Artist lipstick). You can watch it if you think you need a refresher, orrrrrrr, if you have a blog or a YouTube channel, instant post (with awesome lighting and professional assistance!). So frickin’ cool!

The only other freestanding boutique (which offers the full product line, lessons, video lessons) is in L.A.

Make Up For Ever also has three “store within a store” locations, within the Sephoras in Soho, the Venetian in Las Vegas, and at South Coast Plaza (in California) — these offer the full product line and lessons with dedicated MUFE artists (but no video). And they have a “studio” in Greenwich, in NYC, which is basically a pro store. They offer the full product line and pro seminars/artistry lessons, but no “consumer” lessons.

The Dallas boutique’s grand opening is June 1st, so unfortunately the cameras weren’t operational when I went, but I did get an “enhanced eye” look from head makeup artist Ashley Leal.

I asked Ashley for a look that was “Make Up For Ever” (and I knew I wanted color — I suggested yellow) but was still “me” (a.k.a. plenty of eyeliner, not extending color too far above the crease or too far below the lower lashline).

Even though this was an eye look, she started with a clean palette: clear HD Primer, followed by HD foundation 115.

Using a flat, paddle-shaped natural (firmer) eye brush, Ashley applied Aqua Cream 24 (a new shade, Big Bird yellow) to my lid, up to the crease. To soften the edge, she colored and blended Aqua Shadow 28E (a new pearly pink nude chubby-stick eyeshadow) at the outer v and along the top (crease) edge. She also applied it along the lower lashline.

Ashley used powder eyeshadow 311 (a reddish brown) at the outer corner of both my top and bottom lashline. She also extended the shadow up (from the outer corner of my eye) to the crease, and blended it across my crease. She used powder eyeshadow 157 (“flesh”) along the crease, to blend the transition from skin to yellow.

For extra pizzazz, she put a touch of Star Powder 957 (green-brown) right on the center of my lid and along the lower lashline. She covered my undereye circles with HD concealer 315, and set it with loose powder.

Ashley lined my upper lid with a potted cream product called Aqua Black. I asked if she had any tips on “winging out” your eyeliner. You know that imaginary line from the outer edge of your nose through the outer edge of your eye? The one that points to the ideal end-spot for your brows? She said to draw your wing along that line. She also lined my waterline with the black kohl pencil.

On my lashes she used Lash Fibers (primer) and Smoky Lash mascara.
Make Up For Ever, MUFE, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Closeup, which shows the Star Powder a little more clearly:
Make Up For Ever, MUFE
I did the lips myself. That’s actually MAC Sail La Vie lipstick, topped with Riviera Life lipgloss (both from the Hey, Sailor collection. I was walking out past the MAC counter and remembered I wanted to try those two shades).

I don’t think I’ve ever worn this much color on my eyes, but I really liked the look, and I enjoyed learning something so far outside my current skill set. I kind of want to go back and repeat this exact lesson for video capture.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the store (and my future swatching projects):
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark
Make Up For Ever boutique Dallas Northpark

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14 Responses to “Make Up For Ever Boutique Experience”

  • Terri says:

    O…M…G! Thank you soooo much for the pics and the notice! A Dallas trip is definitely in my future now (I’m south of Austin).

  • Chelsea says:

    What an amazing-looking store. MUFE is my go-to when I want pigment, coverage and staying power for a look. I also love that so many of the brand’s products are multi-functional. I love that the store lets you customize your own foundation – did you make your own?


  • Makaegan says:

    O.M.G I can’t wait until my next trip to LA or Dallas! I didn’t even know these places existed. I am craving the chance to customize my foundation without having to buy a bunch of different ones and mix them in separate containers. All of the concepts they’ve come up with are so innovative. Love all of it.

  • alyssa says:

    personalized foundation…. me want… I have to go to dallas asap!!! If you go there let us know how the process works!! Thanks for all the pictures btw!!

  • wendy says:

    love love ur eye makeup!

  • Nellie C. says:

    So excited that this has come to North Texas!

    I’ve been looking forward to this store opening and was excited to see it had opened a couple of weeks ago (especially now that NorthPark has banned unaccompanied kids after 6 p.m.).

    I’ll have to do one of the lessons some time this summer!

  • Kate says:

    This may just be the best eye makeup look in the history of makeup. I die.

  • Rachel says:

    Hi Karla! The store looks amazing. I’d love to see you in another lip shade besides coral/orange once in a while! :)

  • Eileen says:

    Big Bird yellow! Gotta love it :-) I’ve been to the MUFE store in LA and must say that it is fun to step outside one’s comfort zone and try something more daring, trendy, or just completely different. If it doesn’t suit, no big deal. Just take it off. If it does suit, then you’ve learned something new.

  • ame says:

    Oh WOW! My in-laws live down there and for the last three years I have been dying to go to Northpark…and now I shall be pushing for a trip up there this year. For sure.

  • nicole says:

    The store looks gorgeous and access to their entire product line is awesome! It’s frustrating with lines that are only available at one store, and they don’t carry their full selection. Would love to swatch all of their palest foundations! I’m a big fan of MUFE Face & Body in #38 but it is bit too pink/can go too dark, would be fun to see what else they have that might be a better match.

  • Julie Park says:

    Hi Karla!!! Again, so happy to meet you that day! Your makeover looks gorgeous. I couldn’t be happier that this shop opened here in Dallas. Now I just need to find a way to stay away from the store because I can’t stop going. Addictive! ;)

  • Alyssa Grace says:

    i don’t know that i could set foot in that place without hyperventilating from joy. HAHAHA

  • Luka says:

    Lucky duck! After seeing this I called the LA store and they don’t offer the custom blended foundation there. Only NY and Dallas.

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