Burberry Summer 2012: Iconic Nudes

Burberry summer 2012 Iconic Nudes displayDallasites, the wait is over: At last, we have a Burberry counter. (And Nordstrom Northpark is the only one in Texas, for the time being). From what I’ve seen so far, Burberry seems to be one of those brands with a fairly stable, slow-growing permanent collection — and modest, well-edited seasonal offerings.

The summer 2012 collection includes one limited edition highlighting powder, and four sheer lipsticks (which are a permanent addition to the line).

When I first saw the Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact, I was expecting it to swatch like Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Nudes Finishing Powder. It’s a matter of personal taste, of course, but I like this one so much better.

I swirled all four colors together and was surprised by the resulting delicate, sheer, subtle, bronzey-gold glow — yes, it is exactly a Sheer Summer Glow. I also think it’s unusual to find a highlighting powder in this color (it’s lovely). The compact is $50.

The lipsticks are Burberry’s Lip Mist (sheer) formula. They’re $30 eachicon, and unscented.

211 Nude Honey is a sheer beige-grey-pink. 212 Nude Peach is a sheer peach pink. 213 Field Rose is a very sheer warm pink with a few super-subtle sparkles. 210 Pink Heather is a lilac-rose mauvey blue pink.
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Have you tried any Burberry makeup yet? What do you think of their summer collection?

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9 Responses to “Burberry Summer 2012: Iconic Nudes”

  • Colleen says:

    I love the powder. I have used it several times and received compliments every time. It really does just add a glow. I tried using just the darker shades for contouring, which worked ok.

  • Martha says:

    Thank you for the gorgeous swatches. I am excited that you have a counter now, as I am interested in exploring this brand :)

  • I love Burberry makeup!! I’ve tried some of their products and they are all amazing, I did a blog post about these as well..http://beautyincrisis.blogspot.gr/2012/05/burberry.html
    It’s one of my favourite brands since I’ve tried Burberry products, I love the natural color range and the textures!
    I have a question about Sheer Summer Glow Natural Highlighting Compact. Do you think it can also be used on the eyes? I mean could it work as 4 eyeshadows?

  • Romzs says:

    Nude Honey looks gorgeous! Thanks for the swatch! x

  • Jen Bon Jovi says:

    I had never considered Burberry make-up previously – although it is an “iconic British luxury brand” (their words, not mine!), it has been spoiled somewhat by the amount of Burberry-print rip-offs available on British market stalls (normally in the form of baseball caps, which usually end up being worn by chavs).

    These horrible misconcpetions embarrassed me when I tried their “Trench” eyeshadow which was amazing – I think the Lip Mists are also going to be a must-have for my collection. Nude Peach looks fantastic, perfect for my cool, pale complexion….. just need to remortgage my house and I’ll be ready to go….!


  • KarlaSugar says:

    Beautyincrisis: I suppose you could use it as eyeshadow, but I think that’s going to work best for the very fair (who are seeking a very subtle, natural look). It’s a sheer powder; this was my “heavy” swatch.

  • I went to Burberry counter today and I was so disappointed when they told me the powder is sold out.. but now that I see your answer I’m glad I didn’t actually buy it! In fact I bought pearl grey eyeshadow and tea rose gloss and I love them;-)
    Thank you for the answer!! :-)

  • rebecca says:

    I *love* Burberry Beauty – I’m lucky enough that we’ve had a counter at my Nordstrom’s (bellevue wa) for a while, and so I didn’t realize how uncommon it was! I have the compact and I adore it, plus a lip cover, lip gloss, and a blush, and I am totally buying a lip mist or three as soon as I can get there and try them on. I keep the highlighter compact in my purse for days when I’m going minimalist and need something to give my face a quick pick-up, and it works perfectly.

    The whole line is just fantastic; all their products are quality and very well done.

  • Alison says:

    I think its classic and lovely and reflects the brands image! They’ve really done a fantastic job with their shade choices.

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