Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes

Bobbi Brown, Brightening Nudes displayIf you’ve walked past a Bobbi Brown counter lately, you may have noticed the gorgeous visual — and irresistible promise — of her latest mini collection: Brightening Nudes.

Don’t you like how Nordstrom positioned a spotlight to fall exactly on the powder?

The powder is the centerpiece of the collection. It’s a Brightening Finishing Powder, and the shade is Brightening Nudes. (Asia gets an additional/alternate powder called Porcelain Pearl.) The six shades blend into a glowy, subtle, pale, dusty beige-lilac-blue-pink with a satin finish (there are a very few tiny sparkles).

Brightening Nudes is $50, and comes in a silver compact with a magnetic closure. The biggest surprise? It’s not limited edition. It’s the only piece of this collection that isn’t.

There are four limited edition Sparkle eyeshadows — and Sparkle isn’t a formula Bobbi pulls out very often. I went looking for past Sparkle shadows, and found: Crushed Granite (holiday 2011), Gold Bar and Gold Nugget (Tortoiseshell, 2011), Star (holiday 2010), Pink Granite and Denim (Denim Rose, 2010), Orchid, Lightning, and Cafe Cream (Color Strips palettes, 2010), and Storm Cloud and Moonlight (holiday 2009). The point of my reminiscing is to observe that the Sparkle formula is not as clearly defined as some of Bobbi’s other formulas (eyeshadow, shimmerwash, etc.).

These four shadows are glitter in a clear base. Apply them lightly and you get a glittery accent, a sparkly topcoat. Apply them heavily and you achieve a finish like lamé fabric, like sunlight rippling off a running stream. Silver Moon is a pale, cool, white-silver (with a suggestion of purple?). Mica is darker charcoal-grey at an oblique angle, but reflects bright silver head-on. It also has a few pink sparkles. Ballet is silver and pink with a few gold sparkles. Sunlight is pale yellow with a few silver sparkles. These shadows are $28 each.
Bobbi Brown, Brightening Nudes, Brightening Finishing Powder, swatches, Silver Moon, Mica, Ballet, Sunlight, sparkle eyeshadow, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are three new, limited edition Brightening lipglosses in this collection, but since Nordstrom displayed them with the rest of the Brightening glosses, I thought this was as good a time as any to swatch the whole family.

The three shades in this collection are Pink Opal, Pink Lilac, and Lilac Pearl. Feel like you’ve seen Pink Lilac before? You have.

Pink Opal is a milky lilac-pink gloss with deepset pink shimmer. Pink Lilac is an opalescent pale pink with dense silver iridescent shimmer. Lilac Pearl is a milky lilac gloss with purple-pink shimmer. Pink is a pearlescent white-pink with silvery shimmer. Popsicle is a cool rose with shimmer (not to be confused with Popsicle Sheer Color gloss). Nectar is a warm pink with shimmer. Peach is a beige peach with dense shimmer. White is a sheer white with no shimmer. These are $23 each.

There’s one more gloss in this collection. You know Bobbi’s Crystal gloss? The clear gloss in the squeeze tube? Well, for a limited time you can buy Crystal Glitter Lipgloss. It’s a clear gloss with a medium number of round, iridescent, holographic sparkles. It’s $18.
Bobbi Brown, Brightening Nudes, swatches, Brightening Lipgloss, Pink Opal, Pink Lilac, Lilac Pearl, Pink, Popsicle, Nectar, Peach, White, Crystal Glitter Lipgloss, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Brightening Nudes collection is available everywhere. Nordstrom.comicon offers free shipping at any price, plus if you spend $150, you’ll get the Heather Neutrals mini eight-shade eyeshadow palette, mini Extreme Party Mascara, and a sample of Extra Eye Repair Cream (no code required — this is the same gift from Neiman Marcus’s recent Beauty Week).

Neiman Marcusicon also offers free shipping at any price with code FSMAR. Plus you’ll get a free mini Extreme Party Mascara with any Bobbi Brown purchase, no code required.

And has a whole bunch of code options. Get free shipping on any order (plus a free mini Lash Glamour mascara and a free mini original Crystal gloss) with code PRETTY12 (expires March 9). Or, if you’re ordering at least $65, use code PLUM11 for a free full-size Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 in Plumberry. Or code GLOSS12 for a free full-size lipgloss in Nougat (these two expire April 13, but can only be used once per account).

Happy shopping!

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