Guerlain Pucci: Terra Azzurra

Guerlain Pucci Terra Azzurra promoIn May of 2007 (was it really so long ago?), Guerlain partnered with Pucci to create a limited edition collection (Meteoritesicon, a special pink-bristled brush in a Pucci-fabric carrying caseicon, lipglosses, a bubble blushicon, and a boxed set containing an eyeshadow quad, a pair of eyeliners, and a pair of mascarasicon).

For 2012 the two brands have decided to renew their partnership, in a limited collection called Terra Azzurra. (For product and packaging photos, please revisit this post.)

The offering is quite diverse. First up: eyeshadow quad 13 Capri ($59). It includes a shimmery, pearly soft white; a matte carnation pink; a shimmery coral; and a satin/matte very dark grey-brown taupe.

There’s a chubby, twist-up, “crayon” style kohl eyeliner — a limited shade of a signature Guerlain product. 02 Blu Acqua is blue-purple ($36). And I didn’t swatch it, but there’s also a limited edition shade of Le 2 Mascara (Terra Azzurra Le 2, $36). I believe the mascara is the same color as the kajal.

It’s been a long time since Guerlain made nail polish, but they created two for this collection. 01 Paradiso is a coral creme; 02 Riviera is a dark blue shimmer. The polishes are $22 each.

And there are three shades of Terracotta lipgloss. 10 Porto Fino is coral. 11 Porto Ercole is red-chocolate brown. 12 Porto Azzurro is very sheer blue-purple. I tried on Porto Azzurro, and it is essentially clear on the lips (does it make your teeth look whiter?). It was also sticky — I guess I’d never tried on a Terracotta gloss before. These are $32.
Guerlain, Pucci, Terra Azzurra, swatches, 13 Capri, eyeshadow quad, kohl, khol, kajal, 02 Blu Acqua, nail polish, 01 Paradiso, 02 Riviera, Terracotta gloss, 10 Porto Fino, 11 Porto Ercole, 12 Porto Azzurra, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Of course the star of the collection is the blush/bronzer Terra Azzurra powder in a Pucci-print pouch ($75). The dark wood compact houses a bronzer and three stripes of blush (coral, pink, and pale white-pink) too narrow to use individually, so I swirled them together for the swatch. The bronzer is a subtle shimmer/satin peach-brown. The blush blends into a warm pink (very subtle satin finish). If Guerlain made one of these compacts just for me, I’d ask them to make the blush part entirely coral.

I also applaud Guerlain for making enough of these that they didn’t sell out in 45 seconds.

There’s also a limited edition set of Meteorites: Pearls d’Azur. These are remarkable for their Pucci-print canister and the inclusion of turquoise-colored balls… but the blue doesn’t show up on the skin. This Meteorites powder is actually incredibly subtle, a colorless white/silver shimmer.

Of course the optimal application tool is the indigo-bristled Terra Azzurra Meteorites brush ($43), which also comes in a Pucci-print protective pouch.
Guerlain, Pucci, 2012, swatches, Terra Azzurra, blush, bronzer, Meteorites, Pearls d'Azur, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Light and then heavy swatches.
Guerlain, Pucci, 2012, swatches, Terra Azzurra, blush, bronzer, Meteorites, Pearls d'Azur, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Terra Azzurra collection is available at NeimanMarcus.comicon (free shipping: JUNEFS), Nordstrom.comicon, Sephora.comicon, and SaksFifthAvenue.comicon.

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