NARS Summer 2012

NARS’ summer collection is here, with options from ethereal to almost vampy. I’ve come to enjoy Mr. Nars’ exuberant “one of everything” approach to seasonal collections.

I think Ramatuelle is actually the only limited edition piece of this collection. The eyeshadow trio contains a delicate, shimmery, frosty, pale, cool grey-silver; a shimmery, pale, lingerie beige pink (I think this color is usually called “blush” when it turns up on the red carpet); and a satin apricot-orange. The trio is named after a village in southeastern France, and is $45.

The Marie-Galante eyeshadow duo might be one of those that performs best wet (I built up these dry swatches). The left side is a dark blue base with sapphire sparkle; the right side is lavender with blue sparkle. The duo is $34.

D. Gorgeous is a repromote from the permanent line, a pale, dusty, matte lilac (click here to see a previous swatch). NARS’ single eyeshadows are $24.

Calabria is a Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24), a red plum.

The collection also repromotes Larger than Life eyeliners in Via Veneto (matte black) and Bourbon Street (royal purple) — click here and here to see past swatches. I’m a fan of these long-wearing twist-up eyeliner pencils; they do a great job of withstanding Texas summer heat and humidity… I just wish they came in more colors. I didn’t reswatch Via Veneto because the tester was missing. These are $23 each.
NARS, summer 2012, swatches, Ramatuelle, Marie-Galante, D. Gorgeous, Calabria Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, Bourbon Street Larger than Life eyeliner, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The lips are also all about choices.

Vendanges sheer lipstick (named after the French word for “harvest” or “vintage”) is a dirty mauve, slightly browned red-purple. It’s $24.

Moscow Pure Matte lipstick is $25. NARS calls this color “strawberry red,” and I suppose that’s true, but it’s the dark red of a strawberry that’s gotten old. It’s warm, and fairly deep on my fair skin. (This is a fall color for me.)

Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is orchid-pink, a purpled pink that’s not bright enough to call fuchsia. It’s $24.

Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil is warm nude beige pink, $24.

Gold Digger Larger than Life lipgloss is a repromote from the permanent line, a sheer peach with gold, silver, and pink sparkles — $26.

And then there’s Trouville nail polish, a semi-sheer light warm pink — just a little less saturated than Chanel Morning Rose. It’s $18.
NARS, summer 2012, swatches, Vendanges lipstick, Moscow Pure Matte lipstick, Never Say Never Velvet Matte Pencil, Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss pencil, Gold Digger Larger than Life lipgloss, Trouville nail polish, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The collection features one new blush: Liberte (not to be confused with Miss Liberty highlighting blush). Liberte is a matte ruddy orange-pink, $28.

Hungry Heart is a repromote from the permanent line, a duo of sparkling highlight powders. The two sides swatch pretty similarly: the left side is a pink beige and the right side is a yellow white, but they both contain a fine gold shimmer/sparkle. The duo is $41. Here are light and heavy swatches:
NARS, summer 2012, swatches, Liberte blush, Hungry Heart highlighting duo, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
NARS, summer 2012, swatches, Liberte blush, Hungry Heart highlighting duo, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
NARS’ summer collection is available everywhere, but you can get free shipping at any price at Neiman Marcusicon (code: JUNEFS) or Nordstromicon.

If you’re spending $50 anyway, you might as well order from — they’re offering a free mini Orgasm powder blush (so cute!) with $50 purchase, no code required. Plus they always do free shipping at $50. The offer expires June 26th.

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4 Responses to “NARS Summer 2012”

  • Marie says:

    Thanks for the swatches! :)
    Just so you know, Vendanges doesn’t mean “vintage” in french. It means “grape harvest”. I can’t think of a single other meaning for Vendanges than something relating to wine and grape harvest.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Thanks for the French translation, Marie! I speak no French at all, so I have to rely on Google. Does vendanges refer to (noun) the activity of harvesting grapes? I thought it was possibly a crop of grapes (a.k.a., the yield of the harvest, a vintage).

    It’s so funny how these nuances can completely change your understanding!

  • Marie says:

    No problem! :)

    Vendanges is:
    - the activity of harvesting grapes (it’s then associated with a verb “faire les vendanges”), – the harvested grapes,
    - the period of the year when grapes are harvested.

    Vintage would be translated in most cases into “millésime” (noun) or “millésimé” (adj).

    Oh the things we learn thanks to beauty! :P
    I have to say it’s pretty awesome to read your color descriptions for each product. It has helped me widen my vocabulary when it comes to the infinite variations and subtleties of colors. :)

  • Phyrra says:

    I really love the eyeshadow trio

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