Benefit Scene Queen and Sunday Fun Day

Benefit, Scene QueenYou may or may not already know that Benefit is a family business, founded by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. Well their family involvement is growing, because they just added Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson (Jean’s daughters) to the team as Makeup Trend Artists. And Annie and Maggie’s first act of beauty was to each design an all-in-one palette. These palettes are $38 each, limited edition, and exclusive to Sephora (I think I heard that Benefit only produced 7,000 of each). I was instantly drawn to the “Yellow Submarine” style illustrations, and the smart combination of some excellent products.
Benefit, Sunday Fun Day, Sunday Funday, swatches, Shimmering Bronze, Pink Satin, Light Champagne, Pretty in Plum, Toasty, Hoola, Benetint, Shimmering Rose
Maggie’s palette is Sunday Fun Day, the warm choice. There are four eyeshadows with descriptors for names: Shimmering Bronze, Pink Satin, Light Champagne, and Pretty in Plum. The shadows are all frosty-shimmery, but very pigmented and very soft. There’s also a mini eyeliner called Toasty (very dark brown; it’s the first swatch on the left and the dividing lines between Hoola and Benetint). The pencil felt waxy but soft, so you could smudge it if you wanted to.

The palette also contains a mini Hoola bronzer (with a mini brush!) — click here for a bonus swatch of Hoola. There’s also a tiny mini vial of Benetint, the stain for lips and cheeks. Benetint was pretty, and not the most staining tint I’ve tried (it wasn’t impossible to remove). There’s also a really pretty “Shimmering Rose” gloss, pink with gold iridescent sparkles.
Benefit, Scene Queen, swatches, Charcoal, Shimmering Beige, Misty Blue, Navy, Smokin', Coralista, High Beam, Juicy Coral
Scene Queen is Annie’s palette, and it’s a combination of cool eyes with coral lips and cheeks. (This palette also happens to be the prize in this week’s giveaway.)

I didn’t completely agree with the shade names of the eyeshadows in the Scene Queen palette. “Charcoal” is a very very dark, low-shimmer blue (normally I’d call “charcoal” black-grey without the blue). “Shimmering Beige” is a muted, iced lilac. It reminded me of Hypnotizing from MAC’s Love Lace collection, but it’s lighter and more pink. Misty Blue is color they paint steamships, except it’s shimmery. Navy is a blackened navy with blue sparkles.

The mini liner is called “Smokin’”; it’s black. The palette also includes Coralista (click here for a bonus swatch, comparing Coralista to Sugarbomb) and a mini High Beam, a warm white liquid highlighter. The Juicy Coral gloss is quite bright and reasonably opaque. It has gold sparkles.

The palettes are cardboard packaging, but they feel pretty solid. I don’t know if you’d want to travel with them, but they’ll be fine on your vanity. The palettes also include a mirror and a folding booklet of shade application ideas.

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3 Responses to “Benefit Scene Queen and Sunday Fun Day”

  • Michou says:

    Ok, I won’t lie, now I’m dying to buy Sunday Funday. What a gorgeous set!!!

  • Melissa W. says:

    I really like that Sunday fun day palette. That plum color is really beautiful and looks super pigmented.

  • Jazz says:

    My line would be called Phoenix. One of the items from the line would be a pore smoothing cream blusher. A lot of people have open pours in that area and/or uneven textured skin. It’s esp. important that blush be placed on a smooth surface esp. if it’s reflective.

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