Lips of the Day: Buxom Amsterdam

Today’s lip product is a sleeper hit: Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Stick in Amsterdam.

Buxom is a sub-brand of Bare Escentuals — but I still haven’t gotten on the mineral wagon, so I wouldn’t say I’m fluent in BE’s product offering. I got this mini lip-color crayon as a freebie with a recent Sephora order (because the promo picture looked pretty).

If you sniff the lip crayon, you’ll smell the same burnt-sugar scent of the Buxom glosses (swatched here and here). But apply it to your lips and the sweet smell is almost entirely covered by the scent/sensation of cool, minty tingling (which seems to last as long as the product remains on your lips. Lick your lips and your tongue will tingle). I complained about the minty-ness to Mr. Salt, who leaned in and confirmed that he smelled only caramel.

On any other day, the strangeness of these features might turn me off a lip product. But the color of Amsterdam is, quite simply, gorgeous. It’s a rosy-peachy nude, as if I had Scarlett Johansson’s naturally pigmented lips. I think I’m in love.
Bare Escentuals, Buxom, Amsterdam, swatches, Big and Healthy Lip Stick
Sephora has the exclusive on these lip crayons; you won’t even find them on Bare Escentuals’ own website. The mini is pretty tiny, but you can buy the full-size crayons for $18 each. They’re surprisingly difficult to find in Sephora’s Bare Escentuals page-within-a-page, so if you want one, they’re here.

There’s also a Dolly Does Amsterdam set for $32, containing a Buxom gloss in Dolly, mini Lip Stick in Amsterdam, eyeliner in Onyx, and mini mascara in Blackest Black.

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3 Responses to “Lips of the Day: Buxom Amsterdam”

  • This is a great lips but better shade.

  • 1855nurse says:

    Ooohh! I’ve been LOOKING for just this color! It seems to be attractive on most skin-tones…MUCH better than that “Pinkish” color lipstick I’ve been seeing on some TV personalities and Nat’l Newscasters! (That color only works on 13 yr olds and VERY old ladies!). Sure am dying to get my hands on THIS color tho….. just yummy!

  • Jaime Leah says:

    OOOh, I have this and love it. I actually like the minty feeling on the lips and it’s definitely not as harsh as say, lip injection. I like to use a peach gloss over this lip pencil.

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