Guest Swatcher: Burberry Spring 2011

Readers, it is a privilege and a pleasure to share with you guest swatches from Sabrina of the Beauty Look Book, who so kindly photographed some of the newer pieces of the still-elusive Burberry makeup line. It’s frustrating that Burberry and Nordstrom launched this line so hard (strong presence in the magazines), but still sell from just five brick-and-mortar stores.

Sabrina is NC30 on MAC’s scale (approaching NC35 as she gets more tan in summer) and she has olive undertones.

Burberry, Spring, lipstick, 2011, Delicate Rose, English Rose, Romantic RoseShe says the lipsticks are all creamy (no shimmer), full coverage, smooth application, soft rose scent. They’re $30 each.

  • 22 Delicate Rose is a nude pink, like 02 Cameo, but more pinky
  • 23 English Rose is a dusty rose, similar to 10 Dusty Rose, but more of a true pink where Dusty Rose pulls slightly purple
  • 24 Romantic Rose is a peach nude, in between 01 Nude Beige and 05 Heather Rose, not as pale as 01 Nude Beige

Here are outdoor swatches:
Burberry, Spring, 2011, Delicate Rose, English Rose, Romantic Rose, Tangerine, Earthy, Misty
Here are indoor swatches:
Burberry, Spring, 2011, Delicate Rose, English Rose, Romantic Rose, Tangerine, Earthy, Misty
Burberry, spring, 2011, blush, Misty, Earthy, TangerineSabrina says the blushes are soft, natural, luminous, and very layerable, with a soft rose scent. They’re $42 each.

  • 06 Tangerine is a soft peach with slight brownish undertones, lighter and less bright than 05 Blossom
  • 07 Earthy is a soft light brown, lighter than all their bronzers. It also makes a good eye contour.
  • 08 Misty is a soft baby pink, similar to 02 Peony which has more peach compared to Misty which is a more dusty and fairer pink on the skin

For more of Sabrina’s truly beautiful Burberry swatches and product photos, click here. For additional Burberry guest swatches that have appeared on my blog, click here.

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5 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Burberry Spring 2011”

  • Lovely swatches!!!! I love delicate rose, such a pretty pink! Romantic rose is a perfect nude for summer as well.

  • Great review and swatches. I really like English Rose, and Earthly Blush would make a great bronzer for me.

  • laura says:

    Yay for Lina & Karla, two of my favorite ladies!

    Elusive is right! I cannot understand what they were thinking to roll out a line with great fanfare, only to make it unavailable to most of America. *scratches head*

    It’s been a while now, so certainly they can expand to other stores. I have definitely not purchased much of this line because I would like to check it out in person. I do think their products are high quality and I like the color options, just have no idea on their business plan here.

    Is this no-marketing marketing? Like Giuliani running for President without actually campaigning? I dunno.

  • Emma says:

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and review! English Rose has my name on it… it reminds me of Rouge Coco Mademoiselle, which has been my favorite for about a year.

  • Donna says:

    Oh my…. I’m so seriously tempted by those lipsticks especially! Beautiful colors! Wonder how different they might look on NC15 skin… Hmmm… maybe have to seek these out and swatch them myself LOL :D

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