Dior Blue Tie Fall 2011

Dior, Blue Tie, fall 2011, displayDior’s fall collection should be arriving on counters any day now (Nordstrom might have set it out a little early for anniversary). Also: there are a few extraneous (repromoted) pieces in the display, but I didn’t swatch those. (Click here if you want to see those Designer Quints.)

The signature piece in this collection is the Blue Tie palette in Smoking Blue (non-U.S. markets got a second version of this palette called Smoking White). It’s $70 and contains four shadows and a lipstick/gloss.

While this compact looks fantastic on the model, but I wasn’t instantly won over by swatching. The colors are sheer blue-black with very tiny sparkles, a satin blackened-indigo, a sheer black with silver sparkles, and a shimmery cool, dark, blue-grey silver. The eyeshadows felt chalky and weren’t very pigmented. The pink lipstick/gloss is subtle.

Nail polish 219 Safari Beige is a versatile, professional, pretty, pale pink. It’s permanent (but not available in Sephora), and is also included in the Dior 10-polish display appearing on counters. 908 Tuxedo is the shade used on the model. On her it almost looks like a cream, but swatching reveals it’s actually a low-shimmer, really dark, mysterious-midnight sapphire blue. Both polishes are $21.
Dior, Blue Tie, fall 2011, swatches, Smoking Blue, 219 Safari Beige, 908 Tuxedo, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are four new Rouge Dior lipsticks. Generally speaking, Rouge Diors are fuller coverage than Dior Addict. Rouge Diors also have a flowery scent.

314 Angelique Beige is a sheer, beigey warm pink. 428 Pisanelle Pink is muted mauvey pink. 651 Tourbillon Pink is bright. 741 Allegro Pink is a brighter, more saturated, more violet mauve. These are $30 each; Angelique Beige and Allegro Pink will not be available in Sephora.

Dior is also rolling out six shades of a new lipstick called Rouge Serum Crystal. These lipsticks are closely related to the Rouge Serum lipsticks: the packaging is the same, they’re both SPF 20, and they’re both $32. The Rouge Serum Crystal shades are more sheer than the Rouge Serum, and they contain ten times the skincare ingredients.
Dior, Blue Tie, fall 2011, swatches, Rouge Dior, 314 Angelique Beige, 428 Pisanelle Pink, 651 Tourbillon Pink, 741 Allegro Pink, Rouge Serum Crystal, 215 Primrose Crystal, 345 Coral Crystal, 455 Tea Rose Crystal, 645 Sweet Pink Crystal, 675 Passionate Pink Crystal, 855 Carmine Crystal, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
215 Primrose Crystal is sheer warm beige-pink. 345 Coral Crystal is sheer peach. 455 Tea Rose Crystal is sheer pink. 645 Sweet Pink Crystal is sheer violet-red. 675 Passionate Pink Crystal is sheer watermelon pink. 855 Carmine Crystal is sheer orange-red.

There are two fall blushes, and Linda astutely observed that 839 Vintage Pink is actually the same shade from the spring 2010 Dentelle (Lace) collection.

I swatched these lightly, then heavily. 839 Vintage Pink is a glowy, slightly shimmery pink (and this shade is not available in Sephora). 889 Pink In Love is a less glowy red-pink. Both shades are $40.
Dior, Blue Tie, fall 2011, swatches, DiorBlush, 839 Vintage Pink, 889 Pink In Love, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
And in case you were curious (because each blush is two-toned), I also swatched the shades individually. I guess you could alter the color of your blush slightly by focusing more on one color or the other.
Dior, Blue Tie, fall 2011, swatches, DiorBlush, 839 Vintage Pink, 889 Pink In Love, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Dior, Blue Tie, promo imageDoes this collection speak to you? (Is it too hot and too early to even think of fall makeup?)

And what do you think of the promotional image for this collection? (Hilary Duff was the first name on my lips.)

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7 Responses to “Dior Blue Tie Fall 2011”

  • Shannon says:

    I reviewed the compact portion of the collection today, as well. I am wearing the shadows today and I’m actually really happy with them. They do seem to be a slightly different formula than the other Dior quints (not quite as creamy in texture), but once applied they don’t appear chalky the way they tend to on swatches. They translate well on the eyes.

    I’m still wanting to get a couple of the lipsticks, particularly Tourbillon Pink and Allegro Pink.

    Thanks for swatching them for the comparison shots! It makes it much easier to decide.


  • kelly says:

    I have the Blue Tie lip/shadow compact and one of the Rouge Serum Lipsticks. So pretty!

  • Sim says:

    The picture is lovely, Karlie is always beautiful! But the collection in itself doesn’t look all that great..

  • Sondra Christensen says:

    Wow! All the lippies are GORGEOUS! Really, not an UN-wearable one in the bunch.

    Karla, I wanted to report back to you on my makeover with Marcus at Guerlain. OH. MY. GOSH. I died, literally. He was such a charming guy!! And can I tell you…my appt was at 3:30 (I got there 15 min early) but they sat me in the chair at 3:15 and got out of the chair at 5:00!!! And Marcus NEVER left my side. Seriously! (we did chit chat about you and how wonderful you & your swatches are. =D ) I had so much fun & learned a TON of new tips & tricks.
    Seriously, best makeover EVER. (And I’ve had MANY)
    Can’t wait ’til he comes back this way for Guerlain holiday. Thanks for featuring your “Date” with him otherwise I would have just passed him by without a second glance.


  • Seven says:

    I doubt I’d ever give these shadows a second look seeing as they could be duped elsewhere for far less. I do like the blush colors, particularly Vintage Pink, beyond that, meh.

  • anne says:

    I wonder why dior doesnt just come out with a taupe collection? I want taupe on my eyes and cheeks and lips and nails! mauvy-taupe, purply-taupe, bronzy-taupe! taupe taupe taupe! i love it! chanel tried with their fall collection but its more brown than taupe. like the chanel fauve or taupe-grise shades is what i mean. i know so many girls that would love taupe-collections!

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