Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection

Too Faced, Matte eyeshadow paletteAh, Too Faced. I’m a long-time fan of their Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer, and they make some sensational satin/matte shadows… but often pair them with something so frosty I can’t bring myself to buy.

But at long last they’ve added an all-matte palette to their lineup (in the same family that includes the Natural and Naked eyeshadow palettes, as well as the not-yet-swatched-by-me Smokey Eye and Romantic palettes).

These palettes are $36 each, and contain nine shadows (plus a set of instructions). They’re designed with large pans of a “base” color, plus two complementary accent colors — so each row represents a look (“day,” “classic,” “fashion,” etc.).

In the very neutral Natural and Naked palettes, I didn’t feel the need to follow the rules, but the Matte palette really provides three distinct color stories, so I think it would be harder to mix and match.
Too Faced, Matte Eyeshadow Palette, swatches, Tufted Suede, Chinchilla, Coffee Bean, Velveteen Bunny, Pebbles, London Fog, Fresh Linen, Vintage Violet, Midnight, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Tufted Suede is buff (peach-beige nude). Chinchilla is chocolate milk taupe (very slightly purple). Coffee Bean is slightly chalky dark, cool brown. Velveteen Bunny is bright white. Pebbles is blue-grey, and it swatched just a bit unevenly. London Fog is navy, and it’s just a bit chalky. Fresh Linen is pale, pale, pink off-white. Vintage Violet is soft, dusky lavender. Midnight is sheerish charcoal-blue-grey.

What do you think? Is this the palette you’ve been waiting for?

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10 Responses to “Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection”

  • is very bland in my opinion :-( i like their new smokey palette however

  • Sandra says:

    Too many blues. Wish there were more browns. The matte white is great but there should also be a matte black.

  • Madiosn Wilson says:

    I adore this palette. I have the naked palette and I thought I would be set for life, but I can’t get enough taupes and neutrals. I just think it’s a really strong palette.

  • Kelly says:

    I really like this palette. I didn’t think I would, but I end up using it quite often.

  • I just love Too Faced and I really do not use my palettes enough! I have to say they know how to do a shimmer and those will always be my favorites! I always end up liking all of their shadows and Shadow Insurance is the only primer I use!

  • MaryEllen says:

    Thanks for swatching, Karla, and thanks for the comments! I’m still mulling this one over. I love the idea and I’m really sick of frosty/glittery shadows, but I don’t think there’s anything unique here.

  • Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ̵̨̄({ says:

    You are the BEST swatcher on the web!!

  • HappyLittleNinja says:

    I was interested in this palette when I first heard about it, but I don’t like how cool all the colours are.

  • Giulia says:

    Hi! Where can i buy the new palette of toofaced and urban decay? I am in italy.;( you can send? Thanks

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m so surprised by the negative comments. Too Faced already has more brown palettes. There are matte browns in this one. I think it’s a good mix of warm and cool tones, the navy is unique to any palette, and the charcoal is in there because it’s softer focus than matte black. Most women find black shadow too harsh for day, but charcoal can be built up for drama.

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