Benefit Eye Wanna! and Eye Gotta! palettes

Benefit, Eye GottaBenefit has two pretty new palettes out at Sephora: Eye Wanna! and Eye Gotta! One option is warm and the other is cool, but both eye palettes include two mini Creaseless Creams (potted shadow/liners) and three powder eyeshadows (plus instructions on how to wear them) for $36.

The palettes were designed by (and named after) Benefit artists Annie and Maggie Ford Danielson, daughters of Jean Ford — who, with her sister Jane, founded Benefit. And this isn’t the first time Annie and Maggie have created a pair of palettes (click here to revisit last year’s Sunday Funday and Scene Queen). I had previously thought Maggie must be warm and Annie must be cool (because that’s how the last set of palettes were designed); but they switched color families this year.
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Because the Creaseless Creams can be used either as shadow or liner, I swatched them both ways: blended out with my fingers, and heavily with a disposable lipgloss applicator. All four of these are light shimmery/metallic colors, so I’d probably be more likely to use them as shadow.

Static Creaseless Cream is a super pretty, iridescent cool silver. Airbrush Creaseless Cream is a satin/frosty pink-white (it reminded me of the frosting on a wedding cake). This pot was slightly dried out — an abused tester, perhaps, which did slightly affect the way it swatched. Skyline is a periwinkle/Cinderella’s-dress-blue satin. Inked is denim-blue satin. Deco is an orchid (the flower), rose-violet (the colors) satin.

Foiled Creaseless Cream is a shimmery/sparkly silver-lilac (you can see a few gold sparkles when you sheer it out). Flash Creaseless Cream is a pale yellow, sparkly buttercup-gold. Spiced is a warm, golden, nutmeg-brown shimmer. Purple Haze is violet with tiny, subtle, gold shimmer. Canopy is a beautiful olived green with gold shimmer.

Both Eye Wanna! and Eye Gotta! are available at Sephora, but they are limited edition.

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2 Responses to “Benefit Eye Wanna! and Eye Gotta! palettes”

  • Maribeth says:

    Oh boy; I want both of these. I’m lucky to be able to wear both warm and cool; I was leaning towards Eye Wanna but I love the silvery creaseless in Eye Gotta. I have to get to Sephora before they sell out….me bad!

  • Josie says:

    You always have the best swatches and officially sold me! Need those cream shadows ASAP!

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