Dior Mitzah Collection

Dior, Mitzah, SephoraLast week Disneytwinmom gave me the opportunity to publish her excellent review and guest swatches of Dior’s Mitzah eyeshadow quint. I had mistakenly thought that this entire collection was a Sephora.com exclusive; Xiao of Messy Wands set me straight. Only the leopard-print eyeshadow trio is an online exclusive — everything else is available in-store.

So I set off for Sephora (because more swatches are always better).

The Mitzah eyeshadow quint (753) is $60. The palette includes a rich, satin, almost purple brown. The color reminds me of coffee grounds. There’s a satin crema/caramel with tiny gold shimmers, and a matte yellow-ginger-peach. There’s a softly shimmery ivory and a matte cool earth-brown (taupe).
Dior, Mitzah, swatches, quint, eyeshadow, Camel, Ebony, mascara, nail polish, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
camelThe nail polishes are interesting. Camel is very true to its name, a yellow-tan that dries slightly darker than it looks in the bottle. In one coat, Ebony is a cool grey-brown — a lovely color, but nothing like its two-coat self. The glossy black-brown polish references ebony wood perfectly (ebony piano keys aren’t actually black). The polishes are $22 each.

And since it was there, I thought I might as well also swatch the Mitzah Golden Brown DiorShow Mascara (598). It’s a very dark brown with tiny golden iridescent shimmers. It looks like it would be subtle and very pretty. (It’s $24.50.)

Everything in this collection is limited edition.

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One Response to “Dior Mitzah Collection”

  • kaelakaela says:

    i have this and really like it–the colors go well with mac me over neutrals such as ochre, carbonite

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