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MAC, Styledriven, displayThis week’s MAC release is Styledriven, and oh man, I want so much. About a year ago, MAC introduced their Pro Longwear foundation, concealer, and lipstick. Now they’re building on that category, with additional shades of lipstick — plus Longwear lipliners, gloss, and eyeshadow. And unlike most MAC collections, nothing you see here is limited edition. (!!)

Why oh why do I fall for every new formula of MAC eyeshadow? Like the Peacocky shadows, Pro Longwear eyeshadows are large-format pots. The formula is supposed to provide 8-hour crease-proof wear even without an eyeshadow base, and they apply SO smoothly. The texture reminded me of Starflash, though I guess they’re not quite so creamy. Pro Longwear shadows are $20 each.

Pink Frontier is an all-things-girly shimmery peony pink with a tinge of gold. Carefree reminds me of Solar White. It’s a softly shimmery, warm, pearly white saturated with gold. Sweet Satisfaction is a shimmery/frosty, warm, pink-beige. One to Watch is a muted autumnal pumpkin satin. Lie Low is a shimmery warm burnished bronze-brown. Make Your Mark is a shimmery, warm, deeper brown. Keep Your Cool is a steely thundercloud blue-graphite shimmer. Legendary Black is a complex warm black with multicolored shimmer.
MAC, Styledriven, Pro Longwear Eyeshadow, swatches, Pink Frontier, Carefree, Sweet Satisfaction, One to Watch, Lie Low, Make Your Move, Keep Your Cool, Legendary Black, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
On first swipe, Pro Longwear shadows are softer and more sheer than they look here. I layered these swatches to show the colors as truly as possible (and that’s especially relevant for this second arm).

Hot Paprika is Indian-paintbrush burnt orange satin with a subtle pink reflect. Sunny Outlook is a slightly dirtied butter-yellow satin. Fresh Flare is bright, new-grass, kelly green shimmer. Styledriven is a sky-blue shimmer. Thru the Night is a shimmery blackened blue. Weathered is a shimmery blue-grey with tiny green, blue, and purple shimmers. Plus is a plum-grape shimmer. Tease with Ease is a party-pink fuchsia satin (I think Crayola called this color “red-violet”).
MAC, Styledriven, Pro Longwear Eyeshadow, swatches, Hot Paprika, Sunny Outlook, Fresh Flare, Thru the Night, Weathered, Plush, Tease with Ease, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Pro Longwear Lipstick (officially named Pro Longwear Lipcremes) are $17 each. The first seven shades are new; this collection also repromotes five existing shades.

To the Future! is a pale warm pink. So Very Good is a muted brick rose. Dress It Up is pale, cool, bubblegum white-pink (almost lilac). Positively Dashing is a very violet blue-rose. Endless Drama is cranberry-wine. Soulfully Rich is a dark, smoked wine-brown-purple, a chocolate-covered-raisin. Soft Sell is a blue-rose-pink.

Till Tomorrow is much more muted than Soft Sell. It’s a greyer beige- or clay-pink. Extended Play is a deep crimson red. Prolong is a bright, pinked cherry red. Also repromoted in this collection are construction-orange Good to Go and bright, cool, schiap-pink Love Forever!  I couldn’t fit them all on my arm this time, but I swatched them here.
MAC, Styledriven, Pro Longwear Lipcremes, lipstick, swatches, To the Future!, So Very Good, Dress It Up, Positively Dashing, Endless Drama, Soulfully Rich, Soft Sell, Till Tomorrow, Extended Play, Prolong, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Pro Longwear Lip Pencils are $18 each, said to deliver 8-hour feather-proof wear.

Etcetera is a muted pinked brown. Nice ‘n’ Spicy is a little rosier, a muted terracotta rose. Staunchly Stylish is mauve-rose with a sheen (pinker than either Etcetera or Nice ‘n’ Spicy). Morning Coffee is mauve-brick-rose (mauvier than Staunchly Stylish). Absolutely It is the most purple shade yet, a violet-rose with a sheen.

More to Love is fuchsia. In Anticipation is medium bubblegum pink. Bittersweet is chocolate/mahogany brown (warmed with maybe a touch of red?). Kiss Me Quick is a cool cherry red. What a Blast! is bright orange.
MAC, Styledriven, Pro Longwear Lipliner, swatches, Nice 'n' Spicy, Bittersweet, Absolutely It, Morning Coffee, What a Blast!, Etcetera, Kiss Me Quick, Staunchly Stylish, More to Love, In Anticipation, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Pro Longwear Lipglass is maybe the most interesting new product of the bunch. It swatches on as thick as paint, and it is REALLY thick when you first apply it to your lips. I find the sensation of sticky lips intolerable, but this gloss actually thins out after a minute or two (kind of the opposite of the Gloss d’Armani experience). Don’t get me wrong: it’s still sticky, but it doesn’t bother me if I don’t press my lips together.

From eavesdropping on countless MAC makeovers at the counter, I feel like the “MAC lip” is a multi-step process, involving liner, lipstick, and gloss. In my mind, these new Longwear lip products push those boundaries — even a hardened MAC veteran could wear the glosses alone.

Patience, Please is a milky white-pink. Infinitely Likable is a cool bubblegum pink. Ready or Not! is peach-nude (a good nude for me). Show Me! is a really pretty warm terracotta rose. Driven by Love is bright, cool, cherry red with subtle red sparkles. Lasting Achievement is burgundy-maroon with subtle pink and gold sparkles. Dark as Night is very black cherry. Full Speed Ahead is a nearly fluorescent Barbie cool pink. Whoops! is fluorescent coral.

Pro Longwear Lipglasses are supposed to provide 6-hour wear (I don’t think they’d withstand lunch, but they’d probably last through your cup of coffee). They’re $18.50 each, and have a flattened-doe’s-foot applicator. To my nose, they don’t smell exactly like standard “MAC vanilla.” They’re a little sweeter… Mr. Salt called the scent “white chocolate.”
MAC, Styledriven, Pro Longwear Lipglass, lipgloss, swatches, Ready or Not!, Driven by Love, Dark as Night, Lasting Achievement, Infinitely Likeable, Infinitely Likable, Patience Please, Whoops!, Full Speed Ahead, Show Me!, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I’m still putting the finishing touches on my wishlist — which products ended up on yours?

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6 Responses to “MAC Styledriven”

  • Lisa says:

    Are the lipglosses sticky or just kinda thick/tacky?

  • Jen says:

    Sweet Satisfaction and Show Me!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Definitely sticky, Lisa. (And yet I still kind of want Show Me and Whoops?)

  • lou says:

    i’m having a hard time paying $18 for a lipliner. i know prestige makes some great ones for like 5-7 bucks.

  • 53 says:

    I love that you arranged the e/s colours in Rainbow order <3

  • Adorei!! Dá vontade de ter todos… Tou curisosa para experimentar o gloss… :)
    Bjuxx, moça!

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