Le Metier de Beaute Fall Lips


Nadine Andersen

Le Metier has several exciting new lip colors on the horizon — and one that’s exclusive to Dallas.

Regulars at Northpark have probably shopped with longtime superstar Carol Andersen — a 26-year veteran of Neiman Marcus. For her stellar contributions to the field of makeup (and in recognition of thousands of happy customers), Le Metier de Beaute gave her the opportunity to create her own lipgloss. Carol decided to name her creation after her mother. The result is Nadine, which will be sold exclusively at the Northpark counter.

Nadine is a Sheer Brilliance lipgloss, $32. It’s a very sheer, warm, strawberry red-pink with yellow-gold and silver sparkles. I swatched it first with a brush applicator (heavier swatch, to show color), and then with a doe’s foot applicator (which applies more sheerly).

On the lips, Nadine adds just a touch of warmth and color — plus sparkle, of course. It has a subtle, sweet scent (vanilla clay?), which I don’t think you’d notice if you wore the gloss regularly. And while the sparkles are visible, they don’t make the gloss feel gritty at all. All LMdB glosses have a doe’s foot applicator.

Nadine is available now. If you’d like to buy it, but you aren’t in Dallas, call the counter at 214-363-8311. Click here for swatches of Le Metier’s other Sheer Brilliance glosses.
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The second two glosses are Lip Cremes ($36), Le Metier’s fuller coverage glosses. The colors are a holiday collaboration with Neiman Marcus’s senior vice president and fashion director Ken Downing, and they are very much an extension of his Bordeaux lip-and-nails collection.

Ken says, “this is the season of wine and roses.” His fall/winter vision is of a woman dressed to the nines: elbow-length gloves, matching handbag and ladylike pumps, and jewel tones like wines, berries, and cranberries.

In the Know Bordeaux is a full coverage (almost a liquid lipstick), deep berry-red with tiny, subtle red sparkles (you won’t see them on the lips). It smells subtly like a chocolate-raspberry cordial with a note of clay. Purple Haze is a mauve lilac purpled-pink with very fine silver shimmer. It has an artificial-sweet scent, like grape chewing gum.

These two colors will be exclusive to Neiman Marcus (naturally). They’re available online now, but backordered until October 28. For swatches of Le Metier’s other Lip Cremes, click here.

For more fabulous swatches of Ken’s Bordeaux glosses, check out Messy Wands and Cafe Makeup.

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7 Responses to “Le Metier de Beaute Fall Lips”

  • Kate says:

    So gorgeous! I’d love to find cheaper versions of… all three!

  • Liz says:

    Stunning that Nadine lipgloss is. Too bad their sheer brilliance glosses are too sheer on the lips to distinguish b/w all the different colors. Ah, only if it applies as pigmented as your swatch….I would be all over that gloss.

  • Lexi says:

    I really need to check out that In the Know Bordeaux in person. It is gorgeous but it’s a hassle that I always need to carry cash when shopping at Neiman’s since I don’t have a store card or an Am/Ex.

  • JoJo says:

    I love them all. so pretty

  • Aliah E. says:

    They’re beautiful! I need to get some!

  • I love all three of these colours.Beautiful!

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