Estee Lauder Summer 2012: Capri

Estee Lauder, summer 2012, Capri, displayIf seasonal promo photos are any indication, brunettes are having a major moment right now. I feel like beauty brands are discreetly telling me to lay off the highlights.

Anyway, Estee Lauder’s summer collection (which gives me a bit of a 70s vibe) is on counters. The timing feels right — I think (in Texas) February was our spring.

For the past few years, Lauder has used the summer collection to reimagine a seasonal ideal they call “Bronze Goddess.” This year’s goddess is inspired by the Italian isle of Capri.

Estee Lauder is definitely still exploring the possibilities of their powder gelee formula: the summer collection contains an “all-gelee” eyeshadow quint called Bronze Sands ($45).

If this collection, as a whole, is meant to evoke the mountains, sandy beaches, and water of Capri, the eyeshadow palette does it very succinctly. The quint includes a frosty, shimmery, intense, carroty copper; a warm, iridescent, shimmery golden pearl white; a muted green-blue ocean shimmer; a tawny safari-gold shimmer/frost with a few silver sparkles; and a warm, sparkling satin rich-rust red-brown.

They say you can use the Illuminating Gelee formula wet or dry, but the pigments are already so potent, dry… does anyone use them wet?
Estee Lauder, summer 2012, Bronze Goddess, Capri, swatches, Bronze Sands, Cyber Metallic, eyeshadow quint, Pure Color Intense Kajal Eye Crayon Duo, Molten Lava, White Sands, nail polish, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Building on the success of the Intense Kajal Eye Crayons from the spring/Topaz collection, Capri contains one dual-ended Intense Kajal Eye Crayon Duo: Molten Lava/White Sands. I was excited to see a dark brown option in this formula, but in my limited testing thus far, the brown seems to produce more fallout than the black. The eye crayon duo is $24.

There’s also a Molten Lava nail polish ($19). It’s a deep, dark brown with tiny, subtle warm shimmers.

Estee Lauder, Shimmering Sands, summer 2012There’s a new Illuminating Powder Gelee for face, and I have to think this one is intended as cheek color (what do you think? How are you wearing it?). Shimmering Sands is $42, a bronze-rose with multicolored shimmer and tiny silver sparkles.

There are two Pure Color lipsticks ($25), both repromotes from the permanent line. Urban Auburn is a wine-red-brown. Tiger Eye is a shimmery, frosty, metallic, warm, iridescent bronze rose (similar to a heavy swatch of the Shimmering Sands powder, actually).

These lip colors seemed very “fall” to me, but didn’t Tom Ford also see spring/summer 2012 with a similar lip palette? Maybe we’re saying goodbye to “traditional” lip seasons. Maybe deeper hues look better on the deep (hopefully faux) tans of summer in Capri.

There’s also a new lipgloss: Shimmering Mirage ($22.50). It’s a super pale sheer yellow with gold shimmer and silver sparkles.
Estee Lauder, summer 2012, Bronze Goddess, Capri, swatches, Shimmering Sands, Illuminating Powder Gelee, Urban Auburn, Tiger Eye, Shimmering Mirage, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Estee Lauder, Bronze Goddess Capri, 2012The return of Bronze Goddess also means the annual re-release of Bronze Goddess fragrance, as well as the launch of a new and limited edition Bronze Goddess incarnation.

Bronze Goddess smells like 70s coconut oil tanning lotion. Though it has been lovingly reviewed by many a fragrance blogger, it’s not my cup of tea. Robin of Now Smell This wrote a really excellent review and explanation of the history of this scent: in a nutshell, it was released as a body oil in 2006, then as an eau fraiche in 2007 when Mr. Ford did his infamous collaboration with the brand. It has been making an appearance every year since then, accompanied by “companion fragrance” since 2011.

I really do like Bronze Goddess Capri, though. Estee Lauder fragrances often have a very blended quality that makes it difficult for me to pick out individual notes, so all I can really say is that Capri smells very warm to me. I think it could lend an air of leisurely European-riviera-vacation to even a summer spent at home, so I’m really looking forward to making it one of my scents of this summer.

The notes of Capri, according to Estee Lauder, are cassis, mandarin, and lemon leaves (top notes), jasmine sambac, muguet, and peony (heart), and vanilla, amberwood, patchouli, and musk (base).

Both fragrances are $57 and should be considered limited. (The original Bronze Goddess won’t be back until next summer, and you never know when it might be permanently retired.)

The summer collection also repromotes Estee Lauder’s excellent (and under-appreciated, in my opinion) powder bronzers. Forgive me for not reswatching them, but you can see last year’s swatches of Soft Matte Bronzer, Soft Shimmer Bronzer, and Soft Duo Bronzer here. They are each $32. Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer is also back; it is $28.50.

The Bronze Goddess collection is available everywhere, but if you’re shopping online, you can get free shipping from NeimanMarcus.comicon (code FSMAR), Nordstrom.comicon, and

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3 Responses to “Estee Lauder Summer 2012: Capri”

  • Deanna says:

    Thank you for the swatches Karla! I’ve been waiting to see your pictures. Do you think the eye palette is a “must-buy”? I purchased the Topaz Quint (and I love it!) and the Shimmering Sands powder (which is definitely a blush on my fair skin), but I wasn’t sure whether the eye palette is as amazing as other reviews have claimed.

  • Noelle says:

    Seeing all the pictures of Shimmer Sands, I made my way to Nordstrom earlier in the week. Unfortunately, it did not work for me, neither did the fragrance.

    On a different not the new pure color blushes are wonderful. =o)

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