NCLA Miss Sunset Strip

Sometimes I can’t help myself. I look at a manicure and I think, “I like that, but can I make it better?”

In this case, I had NCLA’s Pick Me Up at Melrose Place on my nails and had the (rather inspired, if I may say so) idea to top it with one of their glitter shades: Miss Sunset Strip. The combination is so natural, now I’m not sure I can imagine wearing Miss Sunset Strip over anything else.

Miss Sunset Strip offers a medium number of tiny purple sparkles, a few medium-size round silver holographic glitter pieces, and a few big grape-purple hexagon glitter pieces, all suspended in a clear base (click here to see the arm-swatch). I did two careful coats, and loved the result.

I apply glitter “topcoat” polishes differently from the way I put on “regular” polish. To make sure I get an adequate density and concentration of glitter, I use more of a dabbing motion than a long, smooth stroke. I’m basically making a thicker coat and trying not to push the glitter around too much.

The only bummer was that we had all this crummy, rainy weather, and I couldn’t get a proper picture.
NCLA, Miss Sunset Strip, Pick Me Up at Melrose Place
I didn’t even mean for this to be a “blog photo,” but I happened about this oh-so-fabulous smooth-glitter Deux Lux pouch in Nordstrom’s accessories department. I was never really cool enough to routinely go clubbing with the girls, but looking at this itty bitty clutch gives me fantasies that I could be. I wanted to remember it for later, so I snapped a cell phone pic with my blingy nails. The pouch is $31 if you like it tooicon.
NCLA, Pick Me Up at Melrose Place, Miss Sunset Strip, Deux Lux
NCLA polishes are $16 each. These polishes were provided for swatching purposes.

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