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MAC, Reel Sexy, displayMAC’s Reel Sexy collection is a flashback to last summer’s Nordstrom anniversary collection, Cinematics (and the widely available Colourizations). Just about everything is limited edition.

Eyeshadow duos are back, though they’re $27.50 now. As with last summer’s duos, MAC doesn’t identify individual shade names or finishes.

Dynamic Duo 1 features a warm candy pink with gold duochrome shimmer, paired with a slightly chalky matte magenta berry (really the only shade that disappointed me at all in terms of smooth delivery of pigment). Dynamic Duo 2 includes a softly shimmery blue-silver and a vibrant matte cerulean.

Dynamic Duo 3 offers a shimmery blue-purple-steel grey and a matte teal (yowsers). Dynamic Duo 4 has a matte Pepto/Barbie pale blue-pink and a super-dark matte eggplant purple. All in all, the texture and color payoff of the duos is excellent.
MAC, Reel Sexy, eyeshadow duos, swatches, Dynamic Duo 1, Dynamic Duo 2, Dynamic Duo 3, Dynamic Duo 4, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The collection also features a few face powders. Pink Cult blush (repromoted from Jeanius) is a dusty bubblegum pink (Matte). I thought — from its name — that Magenta, a matte red-violet, process magenta, was a permanent, pro color (products with simple color names are often pro shades)… but I was mistaken; it’s limited edition. The blushes are $20 each.

Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish was originally released in 2006; recently repromoted in the Cindy Sherman collection of fall 2011. It’s a pearly warm-white shimmery highlight, $29.
MAC, Reel Sexy, blush, mineralize skinfinish, MSF, swatches, Pink Cult, Magenta, Lightscapade, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I swatched the powders first lightly, then heavily.
MAC, Reel Sexy, blush, mineralize skinfinish, MSF, swatches, Pink Cult, Magenta, Lightscapade, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The collection also includes three nail polishes (each $16). Vivid Effect is a red-pink coral, an intense hibiscus creme. In the Dark… Purple is grape. Screening Room is a green teal.

There are also four Eye Kohl (non-mechanical pencil) eyeliners ($15 each). Heirloom is a shimmery metallic dishwater blue-purple silver grey. Hyacinth is a satin (low shimmer) justice blue. Resort is a satin grape. Smolder (a permanent shade) is black.
MAC, Reel Sexy, swatches, nail polish, Vivid Effect, In the Dark... Purple, Screening Room, Heirloom, Hyacinth, Resort, Smolder, eyeliner, eye kohl, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The lips are probably my favorite part of the collection. I’d been vaguely regretting not buying Watch Me Simmer from February’s Shop MAC Cook MAC collection, but it’s already being repromoted, so I got my second chance.

Reel Sexy is a light coral pink Amplified Creme. Watch Me Simmer is a deeper warm pink. Pink Popcorn (Lustre) looks really lavender in the tube, but swatches on surprisingly pink. It’s a very sheer pink lilac with microscopic blue shimmers.

Wag of the finger to MAC for naming the fourth lipstick in this collection Heroine. MAC fans surely remember that there was a Heroine lipstick in MAC’s recent Wonder Woman collection. It was a Frost finish, and a completely different color (frosty red-brown). This Heroine is a grape creme Matte. The lipsticks are each $14.50.

There are also four Cremesheen Glass lipglosses ($19.50). Private Screening is a light warm pink. Star Quality is a bright red-pink coral, a color that J.Crew would probably call “melon.” Cinestyle is periwinkle, pale blue-purple. Colour Saturation is berry.
MAC, Reel Sexy, lipstick, Cremesheen Glass, swatches, Watch Me Simmer, Pink Popcorn, Heroine, Private Screening, Cinestyle, Star Quality, Colour Saturation, Color Saturation, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Reel Sexy is available on Nordstrom.comicon, Dillards.comicon, Bloomingdales.comicon, and — happy shopping!

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  • Sarah says:

    So happy that Pink Cult came back!

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