Dior Summer Mix

Dior has a little “interstitial” collection out right now: Summer Mix. It’s a happy, bright, juicy, glossy, jelly offering of four glosses ($28) and four polishes ($23).
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Nordstrom, Splendid, Beach Ball, maxi dressOrange Pareo is a repromote (cross-promote?) from the summer Croisette collection. It’s a sheer orange with orange and gold sparkles. Rouge Croisiere is a sheer, vivid, strawberry red. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find 224 Or Sunrise (that’s what was supposed to go in the empty space between Rouge Croisiere and Rose Bikini). It’s sheer/clear with gold sparkle. Rose Bikini is a bright, happy, cool candy pink.

The polishes are juicy, glossy jellies (mix and match them over other colors for even more fun. Or wear them over nude polish/a tinted basecoat like Butter London Nail Foundation to avoid Visible Nail Line). I painted three coats so they’d look opaque in my swatches.

Cosmo is bright, watermelon candy pink (doesn’t it evoke the drink perfectly?). Acapulco is Big-Bird yellow. Lagoon is cerulean blue. Calypso is bright, warm, candy-apple red (like NARS’ Lal Mirchi).

Shop the collection on Dior.com, Dillards.comicon, Macys.com, or Bloomingdales.com.

These swatches reminds me of a maxi dress I saw on Nordstrom’s website a few weeks ago (that girl’s standing on a box, right?).

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One Response to “Dior Summer Mix”

  • Nikki says:

    Rose Bikini is an adorable gloss!

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