Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams

Make Up For Ever just added four shades to their Aqua Cream lineup — and the Aqua Creams are a pretty fantastic product. Designed for synchronized swimmers, they’re wear-anywhere, waterproof, creaseproof colors for lids, cheeks, and/or lips. If I’m attending a summer wedding in Texas (sweltering), my go-to look is a wash of shade 2 all over the lid (y’know, plus eyeliner, mascara, lips, and cheeks).

Now, about that purple shade. In the original Aqua Cream launch, Europe got a color that the U.S. didn’t: #19. Apparently it contained some ingredient not allowed in America (though Europe is no slouch on consumer protections). At the time, an absolutely wonderful reader from Spain sent in a guest swatch of the missing shade.

Flash forward to today: I did my swatching at Dallas’s new Make Up For Ever boutique, and when I found #19 I thought “neat!”

Except, it turns out, the U.S. still doesn’t/shouldn’t have #19.  We got #26, which is the same color, but a different formula (which doesn’t include that ingredient) — and MUFE gave it a new number to avoid confusion regarding the formula. The boutique (being a boutique) got #19 by mistake, but as soon as they realized, they swapped it out.  As soon as they get the new tester, I’ll probably swatch #26 as well (just to be thorough).
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Anyway, #19/#26 is a shimmery royal grape. #23 is a shimmery sour apple green. #24 is Big-Bird yellow with yellow shimmers (recently used to marvelous effect in this makeover). #25 is shimmery sky blue.

#23 and #25 are colored shimmer, whereas #24 is pigment with shimmers in it (which is why it looks more opaque).

Aqua Creams are $23 each, and are also available at Sephora.

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