MAC Hey Sailor part 1

MAC, Hey Sailor, displayMAC’s major collection on counters right now is Hey, Sailor! (giving me flashbacks to 2008′s Naughty Nauticals).

For me, this collection is all about the lips, so let’s start there. There are four lipsticks (each $15.50, on account of the special packaging with the Breton stripe. I love and hate special packaging. I don’t like the slight price increase, or the fact that you can’t back-to-MAC to acquire those products… but it does make swatching easier, because there’s no chance of accidental substitution).

Salute! is an Amplified Cream, a very pale peach sherbet creme. To Catch a Sailor is a Frost, a metallic rose bronze. Red Racer is a Satin, a very cool, classic-bombshell, pink-red. Sail La Vie (a Satin) is a very saturated orange-coral-red (my favorite, of course. See it on my lips here).
MAC, Hey Sailor, swatches, lipstick, lipglass, Salute!, To Catch a Sailor, Red Racer, Sail La Vie, Cut Loose, Orange Tempera, Riviera Life, Blessedly Rich, Send Me Sailing, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Hey SailorThere are five lipglasses (also $15.50 apiece). Cut Loose confused me… it’s white with a small amount of very tiny iridescent sparkle, and it seems somewhat prone to separate. I think this one is meant to be worn over lipstick, to give that lipstick a slight pearlescent finish.

Orange Tempera is a light warm pink (a repromote from 2011′s Fall Trend/Cindy Sherman collection). Riviera Life is a really saturated, vibrant orange with a few tiny sparkles. On my lips, Sail La Vie is maybe a little bit dry by itself, but Riviera Life pairs with it nicely. Blessedly Rich is an orange-pink-brown with dense pearl/shimmer/sparkle. Send Me Sailing is a sheer candy apple/jelly cherry red.

There are three Powerpoint (mechanical) eyeliners. Handforged is a dirty, antiqued, browned gold. It is shimmery with a few sparkles, so I wonder whether it’s waterline-friendly. Emerald Sea is a satin grass-green. Blue Stripe is a navy sapphire satin. These pencils are $16 each.

There are also three Pro Longwear Lip Pencils ($19). Saunter is pink-eraser, pale chewing-gum pink. Shore Leave is faded neon pink (a color that seems really popular in denim right now). Throw Me a Line! is a warm, slightly faded, nautical red.
MAC, Hey Sailor, swatches, Powerpoint, eyeliner, Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, lipliner, Suntints, Handforged, Emerald Sea, Blue Stripe, Saunter, Shore Leave, Throw Me a Line!, Sea Mist, Abalone, Au Rose, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Hey Sailor, CrewEvery time MAC comes out with Suntints (SPF 20 Liquid Lip Balm, $16, squeeze tubes with a slant-tip applicator), I think “maybe I’ll like them this time.” Wrong again. These are so sheer I don’t know why MAC makes different colors. They’re glue-your-lips-together sticky. These are just not my cup of tea. Sea Mist is a really sheer peach with silver sparkles. Abalone is a cool, sheer, jelly purple-toned pink. Au Rose is a warm pink with gold sparkles.

This collection also includes two blushes and a highlighter. I love blush, and the highlighter is so pretty in its packaging that I expected to fall deeply in love… but these products didn’t hit me as hard as I thought they would.

Launch Away! (Satin, powder blush) and Crew (highlight powder) are surprisingly similar. Launch Away! is a dusty pale “chalk pink.” Crew has a white glow that Launch Away! lacks. It’s a pale pink glowy highlight powder.

Fleet Fast (another Satin blush) is my favorite of the three. It’s a warm, terracotta rose.

The blushes are $21 each; the highlight powder is $28. Here are light, then heavy swatches:
MAC, Hey Sailor, swatches, blush, highlighter, Launch Away!, Fleet Fast, Crew, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Hey Sailor, swatches, blush, highlighter, Launch Away!, Fleet Fast, Crew, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
This collection is available everywhere; free shipping at any price at Nordstrom.comicon.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this collection! Bronzers, eyeshadows, nail polish, bags, and more!

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One Response to “MAC Hey Sailor part 1”

  • sixpomegranateseeds says:

    i liked naughty nauticals better overall. i’m STILL waiting for mac to rerelease love knot l/g! although, NN didn’t have special packaging.

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